118 schools closed due to the outbreak in Greece, and hundreds of middle schools continued to strike

, according to novel coronavirus pneumonia reported by the European Union Internet, the number of schools that need to be suspended due to the outbreak of new crown pneumonia is increasing. The Ministry of Education announced on September 28 that 118 schools have been closed due to the epidemic. The schools affected include kindergartens, pre-school classes and primary and secondary schools in various parts of the country. < / P > < p > according to reports, the Greek Ministry of Education said closed schools would be closed for 7 or 14 days, respectively. The list of closed schools will be continuously updated according to the development of the epidemic situation. In addition, more than 700 middle schools across Greece were still on strike on the 28th. The occupation movement has lasted more than a week, including more than 200 schools in Attica. The students on strike asked the Greek government to increase the budget for education and revise the health and epidemic prevention rules for schools, including stopping the compulsory use of masks, reducing the size of classes, increasing the number of teachers employed, and increasing the number of cleaners. According to the statement of the Federation of parents of students in Greece, it is reasonable for students to mobilize because they have experienced problems such as shortage of teachers, small school buildings, excessive number of students in classes, lack of cleaning staff in schools during the epidemic. Petthas, a spokesman for the Greek government, said the authorities were studying measures to prevent and demonstrate the impact on their health and that of others. According to the source, the authorities hope to strengthen publicity to correct some students’ and parents’ misconceptions and to remind students and their parents of the risks and consequences. Home