14 years ago, the “thumb baby” who broke the Guinness world record, how is the back?

In Andersen’s fairy tales, there is a beginning: “once upon a time, there was a woman who wanted very much to have a little child. But she didn’t know where to get it from… ” Maybe when we were young, we would think that little Thumbelina was a lovely little girl. But in real life, if there is a “little little child”, then it mostly represents that she is suffering from disease, or congenital deficiency.

14 years ago, Amelia Taylor, who was born in Miami, USA, was also called “thumb baby”. She is a premature baby. Amelia was born after only 21 weeks and 6 days in her mother’s womb. Under normal circumstances, the fetus should grow and develop in the mother until about 37 weeks before birth. So Amelia is not only a premature, but also a lot earlier than many premature babies.

Amelia’s mother, Sonia, was examined for arteritis when she was just pregnant. During pregnancy, Amelia’s mother’s arteritis is difficult to cure, which makes Sonia and Amelia extremely dangerous. If the inflammation is left unchecked, Sonia may face amputation. In the end, the doctor decided that the baby should be delivered by caesarean section in advance. In order to delay this time as much as possible, the original operation plan should wait until the baby is 27 weeks old. But because Sonia’s condition deteriorated, doctors had to operate on Amelia at 21 weeks and 6 days.

on October 24, 2006, Amelia came to this world. Amelia, who had just arrived in the world, weighed only 280 grams and was 24 centimeters long. It’s about the same length as an ordinary ballpoint pen. Because Amelia was so small, she was put into the incubator at birth. And the nurses couldn’t feed her with an ordinary breast feeder. They had to find a very small dropper to feed her. Amelia’s body is almost translucent, her lungs are not fully developed, and she is struggling to breathe and cry.

although Amelia was born alive, the doctor was not optimistic. However, Amelia’s subsequent performance surprised everyone. She cried like a normal baby and could breathe without the aid of a respirator. This performance is a miracle to everyone. William Smalling, the doctor who operated on Sonya, once said that they had no experience with such a small baby and didn’t even know how to measure her blood pressure.

although Amelia spent the last few days, there are many other problems that premature infants are prone to. In addition to incomplete skin and organ development, preterm infants are also very vulnerable to sepsis, lack of nutrition and scleroderma. All this threatened to make the lives of preterm infants extremely vulnerable. According to the medical standards of the time, babies less than 23 weeks pregnant or weighing less than 400 grams at birth were difficult to survive.

and Amelia is far from this standard in terms of gestation time and body weight. Amelia’s birth has attracted many media reports. We are very concerned about this too small baby, praying for her, hoping that she can live safely and healthily. Because before Amelia, all babies born earlier than 23 weeks failed to survive, so many people think that this child may be in danger. There is a saying in

: “when time is too late, it will be good when things turn out to be bad.” After four months of waiting, amilia’s parents came back to her home and felt very happy. The media called her a miracle of life, and Amelia broke the Guinness world record for the youngest baby.

after Amelia was taken home by her parents, she was taken good care of. Because of her congenital deficiency, Amelia grew slower than a normal newborn. By the time she was one year old, she grew 8 cm tall and gained two pounds. By the time she was two years old, Amelia had grown to 70 cm and weighed 11.8 kg. Amelia had grown like a normal child.

Sonya once told reporters that it was very difficult for her daughter to survive. She was very grateful to her family, who had always loved amelia and the doctors and nurses in the hospital for their best care and care for Amelia. The medical staff of the hospital would visit Amelia for a long time. Although Amelia was born short compared with her peers, she still grew up healthily under the care and care of the public.

Sometimes life is very strong, sometimes it is extremely fragile. Amelia’s life is hard won, I believe she will be able to cherish more in the future life. Many pregnant expectant mothers should also pay attention to regular pregnancy tests, because many maternal or fetal diseases can still be properly treated if detected in time. 2