15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!

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the hot water generated by the shower head has a strong impact on the face, which may damage the fragile capillary network of the human face, damage the skin and cause the appearance of facial capillaries. At the same time, our bath water temperature is relatively hot, also easy to wash away the face inherent, protective grease, stimulate the skin and expand blood vessels, will make the face more red.

in summer, the weather is hot and the skin is prone to sweat. Many people feel that the skin is oily, so they are used to washing their face as soon as they are sweating. This will only make the skin more and more dry, take away the oil on the skin surface, and break the water oil balance on the skin surface.

many people are used to opening pores with hot water and shrinking pores with cold water. Although cold water can stimulate skin pore contraction, but also can make dirt stay in pores, not easy to be removed, over time, easy to cause skin allergy and acne. From the point of view of skin care, you should wash your face with warm water all the year round. Warm water can make the face of Qi and blood better circulation, good blood, good face, also not easy to grow wrinkles.

cleansing cream can not determine its cleansing ability, do not blindly believe in the false propaganda of businesses. To choose their own facial cleanser, oily skin should choose a more refreshing oil control facial cleanser, sensitive skin to choose sensitive muscle available facial cleanser.

some friends often hear such a saying that your skin color is bad because the aging cutin on your face can’t fall off and needs to be exfoliated. Shilu solemnly tells you that exfoliation is very careful. Cutin is also the protective layer of our skin. Excessive exfoliation will damage this layer of barrier. Over time, it will become a sensitive muscle.

stars are indeed a mask every day. But they are in the daily strong light, heavy make-up and high-pressure working environment, the skin needs a lot of water every day. And our normal people every day a mask, it is easy to lead to excess nutrition of the skin, unable to absorb, there are hidden dangers of sensitive muscles. The replenishment mask is available 2-3 times a week. Unless the skin is particularly dry, one tablet can be applied every day for a week, and then it can return to normal after a continuous week.

this is a posture that many people like. It’s comfortable with a touch of nobility. Anyway, it was very popular before picking up the land. But this posture may make your face more wrinkled! So girls, try not to use their hands to support their faces, although very cute, but very easy to become ugly!

don’t think that moisturizing is moisturizing! Moisturizing is just to replenish the water needed by the skin, while moisturizing is to keep the skin moist, seal the moisture in the skin, and avoid the loss of water. Toner is used for replenishing water, while moisturizing refers to cream or lotion.

eye cream can be used after the age of 18. After all, it is impossible to go to bed early because of the pressure of life and study. The metabolism of 18-year-old body has started to slow down. You can use eye cream with water replenishing type first, and functional eye cream can be used after 20 years old. In short, eye cream is never afraid of early.

there are often some unknown but highly publicized skin care products in the wechat circle of friends, so we should buy them carefully. Skin care products or to go to regular shops to buy, avoid three no products. Don’t lose your face because of the so-called family and friendship.

Finally, it’s the most important thing for Shilu. Don’t always pursue the so-called big brands. Sometimes it’s good to replace them at a low price. It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive. What suits you is the best.

the above are 15 pieces of skin care basic knowledge sorted out by Shilu for you. Skin care workers should quickly collect them. Skin care is also an advanced process of fighting against monsters. Only when equipped, can we continuously upgrade! Pick up land will continue to provide equipment for you! See you tomorrow!