15 years of his first love! Tan songyun, 30, said: fitness is the best preservative!

Recently, there has been a lot of hot TV dramas, which have not been on the TV series!

from the beginning of her youth, Tan songyun interprets high school students vividly, as if she were a lovely girl in the back seat of your high school. What makes people feel powerful is that “Tan songyun is already 30 years old this year”! Let’s take a look at her performance in the play. She’s 30 years old? Isn’t this a 16-year-old girl?

since her debut, Tan songyun has always appeared as a girl in everyone’s field of vision. With the increase of her age, many people think that she may not be able to act as a girl again. However, Tan songyun’s baby face seems not to be the same. It is always so pure and lovely, and there is no wrinkle. Then the first love face for 15 years is really just because she is born beautiful Quality?

in fact, behind this perfect is her daily self-discipline and adherence to fitness. If you are her fan, you will often see her send some fitness photos. In addition, in the early years, there was a special teaching video to teach everyone how to use dumbbells at home to do a whole body training! Besides daily work, fitness as an essential item! Looking at her unchanged “first love face” for many years, I will tell you that fitness is the best preservative!

another advantage of exercise and fitness is to increase bone density. Friends who exercise regularly can find that their bones will not feel sore and can effectively resist osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency. Although we don’t feel much when we are young, we will find that our legs and feet are still very sharp after a certain age, and friends who lack exercise may have a lot of bone problems. So exercise is to buy an insurance for us in the future.

the first thing to say is that fitness is good for us to exercise muscles. A large part of the reason for fitness is to reduce fat, so as to achieve the effect of increasing muscle, and make our muscle lines become more perfect. This is also the reason why many female friends choose to keep fit. No matter which part you are, you can get effective exercise through fitness. But also note that you need to stretch your muscles after your workout to make your lines more symmetrical.

in the process of fitness, we will excrete a large amount of sweat from the body, thus increasing the rate of metabolism, making our body more healthy, which can also make us relax physically and mentally. Because when we exercise, we don’t want to think about too much negative energy. We devote ourselves to sports. Although we feel very tired after exercise, we also feel that sweating makes us feel that we can drain out the bad things in our body, and our body will become more relaxed and comfortable.

and whether there is meat in the waist and abdomen for women is basically equal to whether they are getting old. Therefore, having a flat abdomen is very important for keeping body and young. Then waist and abdomen training is the first step for you who want to freeze age. Next, let’s do it together!

keep your lower back away from the ground. Drive one leg forward to lift the knee with the force from the abdomen. At the same time, rotate your shoulders to the side of the active leg to make the opposite elbow and knee as close as possible;

Tan songyun’s “first love face” is obtained through continuous self-discipline. If you want to keep fit and keep young, please join us! A real master always has an apprentice’s heart. I’m Chris. Those who pay attention to me are getting better! Focus