158000 freshmen and sophomores in Wuhan returned to school

Students of grade one and grade two of junior high school in Wuhan, who have been away from campus for more than seven months, returned to school on the 10th. On that day, nearly 158000 students returned to class in Wuhan.

before 7:00 a.m. on the 10th, students arrived at the gate of Guangya middle school in Wuhan No.2 Middle School. In order to split the flow of peaks, the school uses two gates. All students need to pass through the infrared temperature measurement channel, and can enter the school only after the body temperature is normal. Wang Xin, the principal of the school, said that before the formal resumption of classes, the school had carried out an all-round killing of the campus environment, and planned the students’ route and prepared epidemic prevention materials according to the standards for the resumption of classes in senior three and junior three in the previous stage.

the reporter followed the students to the teaching building. According to the class layout, the returning students arrived at the classroom through three channels. In the corridor of the teaching building, there are garbage, discarded masks and special containers for recycling tableware at the door of each classroom. There is also a storage place for epidemic prevention materials, disinfectant hand sanitizer, disposable mask and thermometer.

“at this stage, the normalization of epidemic prevention is still the primary work for the resumption of schooling and classes.” Wang Xin said that after students resume classes, teachers on duty will be arranged on each floor. Lunch will be delivered to the door of the class by the canteen, and epidemic prevention knowledge will be circularly broadcast during recess. In view of the high temperature weather, the school will open windows for ventilation and disinfect the class regularly while using air conditioning.

Gong Jinsong, the head teacher of the eighth grade class, arrived at the school early that day and stood at the door of the class to welcome the students back. In order to create a warm learning atmosphere for the students, Gong Jinsong specially designed an issue of blackboard newspaper a few days ago, covering general knowledge of epidemic prevention on campus and commemorative photos of students participating in the activities. “Hope to give them a sense of belonging, in a relaxed atmosphere to re adapt to the campus life.” Gong Jinsong said.

Wang Xin introduced that according to the teaching plan, the first week of the resumption of classes mainly carried out psychological and physical adjustment for students. Through the education of national feelings and heroic spirit, they gradually adapted to the rhythm of offline teaching. At the beginning of the second week, it focused on reviewing, reviewing and consolidating the relevant contents of online learning stage.

“compared with senior three and junior three students, these children are younger, and we will pay more attention to their psychological state while teaching,” said Xu Yan, head teacher of the eighth grade class of the school. During the resumption stage, more emphasis will be placed on the connection Education of students, giving them sufficient time to return to normal teaching order.

was affected by novel coronavirus pneumonia, and the opening hours of Wuhan’s academic sections were delayed in the first half of this year. According to the arrangement, in the autumn semester of 2020, schools and kindergartens in Wuhan will open in accordance with the Convention of previous years.