17 year olds get polar body fat from ketogenic diet? Is ketogenic diet suitable for everyone?

After 00, it seems that you are still a little brother all the time, but you don’t know that you are 20 years old after 00! And after 00 also began to launch light in various fields gradually! And in our fitness field is no exception, there is a young after 00, with this body rich in male hormones, known as little Arnold! < p > < p > his name is tristyn Lee, who came from Vietnam and later immigrated to the United States with his parents. I’m 17 years old this year. As early as 15, tristyn took part in the bodybuilding competition and won the championship in the junior physique group. < / P > < p > tristyn has amazing talent. After a few years of regular strength training, his figure has changed dramatically! Kirin’s arm, vacuum abdomen, shark line, bullet muscles, and well-defined muscles, combined with his ultra-low body fat, have broken people’s imagination of minors. < / P > < p > it’s not too bad to take a picture with giant panda in the industry, and he has no stage fright at all. With this perfect muscle, everyone called him Arnold Schwarzenegger Jr! Tristyn was originally a thin football player. His thin figure is a typical image of our Asian children. However, by chance, he followed his mother to the gym. He saw a lot of equipment in the gym and tried it again. It seems that it opened the door to a new world! < / P > < p > and seeing that many students around him are doing exercises, and knowing that fitness can make him stronger, he is determined to make his thin body completely degenerate! Under the guidance of a professional coach, he came to the gym for training as soon as he finished school. After two years of systematic training, he became a small man with muscle explosion! Some people ask why he can keep such low body fat for a long time? This is because his coach is very professional. In the process of observing his training, he found that his body’s feedback on the energy brought by fat is better than that of carbohydrate! So we decided to give him ketogenic diet to ensure that he increased muscle at the same time can maintain very low body fat! < / P > < p > ketogenic diet is to replace carbohydrate intake with a large amount of fat in the daily diet! Because under normal circumstances, the carbohydrates we eat are directly converted into glucose in the body after digestion and absorption to provide “fuel” and energy for the normal function of various organs of the body, especially our brain. < / P > < p > and the brain not only uses carbohydrates for energy, but also uses ketones for energy! When the carbohydrate in the diet is very low, the body mistakenly thinks that we are in a “hungry state”. The liver will automatically convert the body’s fat into medium and long-chain fatty acids and various ketones, instead of glucose, to provide energy for various organs. < / P > < p > the concentration of blood glucose will be reduced, but the level of ketone body in blood and urine will be increased, making the body in the state of “ketosis”, so it is called ketogenic diet! And ketogenic diet in the use of fat for energy at the same time, because of fat satiety strong, will also cause a certain heat gap, so can achieve the effect of fat reduction! In addition to being a bodybuilder or a member of the school football team, tristyn needs a lot of heat consumption, and 9kcal per gram of fat can better provide a large amount of heat consumption in sports. Meanwhile, his own feeling is more sensitive to fat and fat energy than carbon water, so he chooses ketogenic diet! < / P > < p > patients with impaired liver function, gallbladder disease, intestinal dysfunction, pancreatic insufficiency, kidney disease, hypertension, etc. if you want to try, please ask your doctor if you can have a ketogenic diet. < / P > < p > it is normal to have keto maladjustment for a short time. Most people will have “keto flu” a few days before ketogenic diet, leading to chills and headaches, which are generally short-term reactions. If the “keto flu” lasts for a long time, you should pay attention to whether you are suitable for ketogenic diet. If the “keto flu” lasts more than 2 weeks, it is recommended to stop the ketogenic diet and try another diet. < / P > < p > tristyn uses ketogenic diet in order to maintain low body fat and provide more calories, and his muscles need to be systematically trained day after day to achieve this effect. This kind of diet is not suitable for everyone, so we must follow the doctor’s advice and wish everyone a better body! Focus