2 days no fart, 24-year-old girl found cancer! The fart we hold back is gone

In this world, there are a lot of little secrets that we don’t know. If you see a person sitting and suddenly raising his legs, he doesn’t want to change his position, but Let go! Fart! Yes! The best thing to do is to have no sound and no sound. But some farts like the C-bit debut – again! It stinks! Recently, a girl with a lot of farts came to the hospital. She was very upset because she found that no matter what she ate, she always farted a lot, which made her very embarrassed and often had diarrhea. We did colonoscopy and CT for the girl, and the pathological results showed that: stage III colon cancer! < / P > < p > eating more gas producing foods: starchy foods, such as sweet potatoes and potatoes; and protein foods, such as soybean milk and milk, are easy to produce gas. After eating this kind of food, it is easy to produce gas in the intestinal cavity, and there will be more gas accumulated in the stomach and intestines. Discharging from the anus is what we call farting. < / P > < p > < p > “eat” too much gas: some people like to chew gum or eat betel nut, and the air can enter the gastrointestinal tract through swallowing action. In addition, eating too much or indigestion, which can lead to excessive gas intake in the gastrointestinal tract and cause symptoms of increased farting. < / P > < p > intestinal flora disorder: when the gastrointestinal flora is out of balance, the number of gas producing bacteria will increase, which will lead to the increase of gas accumulation in the intestinal tract and the increase of farting. In this case, you can eat more vegetables and fruits to balance the intestinal flora. < p > < p > digestive tract problems: ulcerative colitis, chronic enteritis, Crohn’s disease and other intestinal mucosal disease diseases will be caused by intestinal inflammatory stimulation, leading to an increase in farting. However, it is best to reduce the symptoms by going to the hospital as soon as possible. < p > < p > a 24-year-old girl named Xiaohui often felt a dull pain in her stomach. After her doctor’s consultation, she found that she had not farted for 2 consecutive days. The examination found that there was a vegetable like tumor in her colon, and the tumor had caused complete intestinal obstruction! < / P > < p > they can’t fart for a long time, and they have abdominal distension. Most of them are intestinal obstruction and volvulus. And it’s probably not driven by gas. < / P > < p > when the newborn does not have anal disease, there is no fart due to the abnormal development of exhaust outlet. Once these conditions appear, to immediately stop eating, drinking water, do not think it is constipation, take laxatives. Is it true that “fart” is not loud when we hear it? It sounds like nonsense, but it has a certain truth. The pitch of the fart and the intensity of the odor are related to the food. < / P > < p > when the starch content of food is high, the composition of fart is mainly carbon dioxide and other odorless gases, so it will produce odorless “potato fart”. However, when the protein content in food is high, the content of hydrogen sulfide, indole and faecastin in the fart will increase, which will produce a relatively smelly “meat fart”. People who like to fart have learned a must kill skill: hold your breath. But sometimes we will find that when the fart is held, it will be gone. What’s the matter? < / P > < p > in fact, the farts that are held back are sent back to the intestinal tract in reverse, and some of them are absorbed into the blood by the intestinal tract; while those that are not absorbed will reach the lungs and then vomit out with the breath. It’s OK to hold your fart occasionally. After all, no one can’t fart. But if you hold your fart for a long time, it’s harmful to your body. < / P > < p > when there are intestinal diseases or excessive defecation, the toxic substances contained in the fart will increase correspondingly, and more harmful substances will be absorbed into the blood circulation by the intestinal tract and affect the health. Methane, hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide in the fart are flammable gases. When these gases reach a certain concentration, they will burn in case of fire. < / P > < p > at ordinary times, people always like to say “fart is a little bigger, it’s not worth mentioning”, but in fact, this “fart thing” is really not small! More importantly, farting is very good for occasions, otherwise, why do we all like to listen to “Rainbow fart”= https://luanban.com/information-sharing-for-epilepsy-patients/ target=_ blank>Information sharing for epilepsy patients