2-year-old children take “free ride” by themselves, and police cross provincial linkage to help them return home

Recently, the police of Gaofeng police station of Yuncheng branch of Yunfu Public Security Bureau successfully helped a lost boy find his family quickly through cross provincial linkage, portrait comparison and resource sharing, which won the praise of the masses and children’s families. < p > < p > on October 31, Ms. Zeng placed an order on Yuwu Avenue in Cenxi City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and drove back to Yunfu on the Internet. A child got on the bus together. Ms. Zeng and the driver thought that the child was with each other, so they didn’t care. It was only after the vehicle arrived in Yunfu that they found that they didn’t know the child in the same car. For safety reasons, Ms. Zeng took the child home and asked the police for help. < / P > < p > “a little boy, about 2 years old, was playing with other children in Mrs. Zeng’s house very well.” At about 12:00 p.m., Yu Yu, deputy director of the Gaofeng police station of Yuncheng district branch of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, immediately came to Ms. Zeng’s home to verify the child’s identity. < p > < p > because the child was too young to express his name, family, address and other information, Yu Yu Yu had to take the boy back to the police station duty room for careful care. At the same time, contact Cenxi police in Guangxi to find out whether there is any police situation of looking for children, and check the children’s whereabouts through the monitoring video. < / P > < p > Kung Fu pays off. After comparing the clothes and appearance of a lost boy in the video sent by Cenxi police, the police finally confirmed that the child was the missing child reported by Cenxi police. The police immediately contacted the little boy’s family through Cenxi police, and learned that the boy’s mother, grandfather and uncle were working in Yaogu Town, Yuncheng district. At that time, they were just about to rush back to Cenxi, Guangxi, to look for the child. After receiving the police notice, the child’s mother immediately rushed to the peak police station to take back the child. So far, less than 2 hours after the police received the police information. < / P > < p > “the public must take good care of young children and elderly people. If they find that they are lost, they should keep calm. They should go through the nearby police station, police service area or call 110 for help at the first time. They should accurately register the clothing features, appearance features and photos of the missing persons with the police officers, and do not delay the golden opportunity. You can also use your own circle of friends, wechat or various network channels to spread, the effect is more obvious. ” Yu Yu said. < / P > < p > “if we police run more, the masses will walk less. By visiting and serving the masses, strengthening the relationship between the police and the people, resolving conflicts and disputes at the first time, helping the masses to solve difficulties, and the masses have a better understanding and support for public security work. ” Yu Yu said. According to statistics, since this year, Gaofeng police station has visited and helped 22 people with living difficulties, 202 people with special needs, and 3 enterprises with operating difficulties, helping 32 lost people find their families, including 19 lost elderly people. The police come for the people and the people support the police. Since the beginning of this year, Gaofeng police station has strengthened the work of “visiting people’s situation, solving people’s worries, resolving contradictions, preventing risks, checking problems and controlling chaos points” in combination with the activities of “one million policemen entering tens of thousands of homes” and “three contacts” activities, taking social prevention and control and maintenance of stability as an important starting point, strengthened the normalization of patrol prevention and control, and comprehensively improved the rate of seeing police on the road in the jurisdiction area. At the same time, we should pay more visits to the community and investigate the signs of unstable public security factors, so as to find out and resolve them as soon as possible. As of October this year, the Institute has received 184 criminal and public security police information, a decrease of 35.9% compared with the same period last year. It has effectively reduced the incidence rate of criminal police information in the jurisdiction area, ensured the continuous stability of social security, and effectively improved the sense of security and satisfaction of the masses. Next