2020 China’s healthy growth of mothers and infants

The large-scale public welfare activity of healthy growth of mothers and infants in China has been carried out for five years in a row. It is sponsored by the children development research center of China care for the next generation working committee, and works with excellent caring enterprises and well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad. The popular science content starts from nutrition, feeding, education, nursing, psychology and other aspects, and delivers lectures on maternal and infant science to the majority of school-age parents. < p > < p > on August 22 and 23, the off-line public science lectures on the healthy growth of mothers and infants in China went into Guangdong and Guizhou provinces, and were held in Guiyang, Zhanjiang and Qingyuan. < p > < p > on the 22nd and 23rd, Wanlixing activities were held in Zhanjiang and Qingyuan, respectively. Together with Yili jinlingguan, Wanlixing activities invited Professor Zhang Silai, a famous child care expert in China, to give a science popularization lecture with the theme of. < / P > < p > on the 22nd, the ten thousand mile trip came into Guizhou. Liu Ling, member of the Standing Committee of the newborn pediatrician branch of the Chinese Medical Association and chairman of the science popularization special committee, and chief physician of Guiyang maternal and child health care hospital, brought a popular science lecture on “common diseases of newborns” to the mothers present. As a strategic partner of the event, Gabriel provided great support for the success of the event. < p > < p > China’s healthy growth of mothers and infants has gone through five consecutive years. Dozens of caring enterprises such as Yili and jiabeiaite have fully supported the activity, and the cooperative media such as Sina parenting, parenting.com, Baidu baobaozhi and other cooperative media carried out comprehensive reports. All parties have joined hands to offer a feast of popular science knowledge on maternal and infant health for the treasure mothers in China. Pets