2020 healthy growth of mother and infant

On September 26, the off-line Public Science Lecture of “the healthy growth of mothers and infants in China in 2020” sponsored by the children development research center of China care for the next generation working committee entered Tianjin and Shanghai. Wanlixing, together with Wyeth nutritionals, jiabeite and other caring units, joined hands with Zhang Silai, a famous parenting expert and expert committee expert of China care for the next generation working committee, and Zhang Ting, director of digestive infection department of Shanghai Children’s Hospital, to practice the road of public welfare. Sina parenting and other cooperative media carried out a comprehensive report. < p > < p > on September 26, Wan Lixing, together with Professor Zhang Silai, brought a science popularization lecture on the theme for parents at Tianjin railway station. We all know that thinking power is the core of intelligence, and people’s innovative thinking can create many miracles. To a certain extent, the level of children’s intelligence directly depends on the level of thinking development. That is to say, the quality of thinking ability is the most specific manifestation of whether a person is smart or not, whether he will become a useful person in the future, and whether he has the spirit of innovation. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to cultivate their children’s thinking ability. Granny Zhang talked about many specific training methods and key points for attention in this lecture, which provided scientific guidance for novice parents. < p > < p > on September 26, Wanlixing, together with jiabeiet, and director Zhang Ting, brought a science popularization lecture on the theme for parents. Director Zhang explained in detail the growth and development rules, precautions, intestinal flora and influencing factors of babies, and brought novice parents to know the intestinal flora, so that parents could understand that intestinal flora is essential to the healthy growth of their babies < / P > < p > China’s large-scale public welfare activities for the healthy growth of mothers and infants have been carried out for five years in a row, adhering to the principle of “caring for mother and child health” The concept of “helping the growth of infants” is to spread scientific knowledge of child care to mother and infant groups across the country, improve the overall quality of the whole people, escort the future and contribute to the implementation. Focus