2020 the three black horse in the elite: OLAY streamers, unexpected winner, Lancome Aurora water Waterloo!

Every year, there are several black horses in all walks of life, especially in cosmetics and skin care products. There are always a lot of net red skin care products, including big brands, which are constantly producing new products. In 2020, many famous brands launched their own new products. Today we will take a look at the three black horses in the elite 2020, OLAY, the unexpected winner, Lancome, Aurora water, Waterloo.

OLAY has always been the essence of the essence, whether it is OLAY white bottle or OLAY formula essence, almost in whitening essence occupy a large part. Even if there are two trump cards, this year we have launched the OLAY light bottle, which is the upgrade of OLAY small white bottle. The main ingredient is nicotinamide, a new purified nicotinamide, so the whitening and yellowing effect will not be bad.

although it is an upgraded version, it has the same function as Olay white bottle, mainly for whitening, but liuguangping adds the effect of revitalizing the bottom of the skin and improving the skin, but this effect is just a gimmick, and the main effect is whitening and brightening. Moreover, the price is several times that of the small white screen, so the overall cost performance is really not high, so most people are still using the small white bottle for light leveling, just in the understanding, not many people choose to start, which can be regarded as a rush. The essence of

Ipsa is actually a water essence, also known as the “0 essence”, which means that the skin will return to zero, so that the toxins in the skin will be cleaned up and the toxin will be cleared to solve the problem of dark acne and sensitive skin. After the use of this essence, it feels like a moisturizing film on the skin. The water is soft and tender, and the QQ bullet feels very good.

persistent use for a long time can also effectively regulate skin problems and make skin condition more and more stable. It can adjust the balance of water and oil, and restrain the problem of mouth closure. After using for a period of time, the skin will become more and more delicate. The ingredients are mild, and the effect is very good whether it’s patting or wet compress.

Lancome as a brand of skin care products, its new products have always attracted much attention, especially this Aurora water, actually a bit like Estee Lauder Cherry Blossom essence. It contains alcohol, so it can effectively dissolve the sebum, reduce the greasy feeling of the product, so that the skin can better absorb the product, so it is very friendly for big oily skin. Dry sensitive muscle is afraid to dissuade, so this has stopped most of the girls.

this essence can effectively soften the cuticle and promote the shedding of aged cuticle cells. After persisting in use for a period of time, it will find that its skin condition is getting better and better, the skin becomes more and more delicate and smooth, and it shows a bright red state. It clearly feels that its complexion is getting brighter and brighter, and it can also dredge pores and prevent clogging. To improve acne, it plays the role of oil control. The essence of

is very refreshing. When it is applied to the face, it will obviously feel that the skin is smooth and moist, and its moisturizing effect is quite good. But if you are allergic to alcohol, thin cuticle, sensitive skin or red blood, it is not recommended. Because this product contains a certain amount of alcohol, so as not to cause more serious problems to the skin.

if you want to play a plus role for your skin, it is recommended that girls should choose some of the cream with high praise rate, so that they can avoid the situation of trampling to the greatest extent and choose the products that are suitable for themselves. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!