21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”

After giving birth to a child, it will take at least a year to give birth again, which is a common sense problem. We should know that under normal circumstances, pregnant women will give birth to one child at a time.

at the beginning of the examination, the doctor told the couple: there is a healthy baby in the mother’s stomach. Because the mother’s health is enough, so the whole pregnancy is very smooth, my mother succeeded in giving birth to her own baby last year.

it’s just that the mother who has been pregnant and giving birth smoothly has encountered problems after childbirth. After giving birth to the child, the mother always feels that there is something else in her stomach, and this thing is still moving.

under the influence of long-term discomfort and pain, the mother went to the hospital for an abdominal examination, and found that there was a child in the womb. With the efforts of doctors, 21 days after the birth, the mother ushered in an unexpected new life.

it’s just amazing that the child arrived 21 days later than his compatriots. This is not in line with our understanding all the time. What’s more, this child was born 21 days apart?

in fact, all of these can be explained. What we have to say is an accident that can be selected from a million miles. It takes 10 months for a child to mature from a fertilized egg, so it can be determined that the two children must have been conceived at the same stage, that is, the two children are twins.

from a medical point of view, twins can be divided into two types: identical twins and fraternal twins. As the name suggests, identical twins are divided into two by the same fertilized egg during development, while fraternal twins are formed by two fertilized eggs.

it’s hard to see that identical twins are two children at the beginning. If these two children are in the process of division, it is possible that the doctor does not see them.

If an identical twin fails to split, it will become a conjoined baby. The doctor does the examination across the belly. Affected by the angle and other problems, there will be a certain degree of missed diagnosis, which makes the Nigerian mother and the doctor not consider the possibility of two children.

once the birth of such twins begins, the two children must leave the mother with amniotic fluid, so generally speaking, the time for twins to give birth will not be too long. If the production time is too long, it is easy to cause dystocia when amniotic fluid is exhausted.

another kind is very rare, that is, two babies have their own rooms. In the process of delivery, as long as the room of the other baby is not affected, the other child can continue to develop in the mother’s body. Obviously, the twins in Nigeria are rare “two room” twins.

the secret of life has not yet been fully discovered. Various coincidences and probabilities have shaped this dynamic world. The world is so big that we should face up to it and analyze it from a scientific point of view.