3 cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Shanghai are revealed.

in November 4th, novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were discharged in Shanghai, 7 cases were admitted to the Shanghai public health center, and the remaining 3 cases were children’s cases, and were admitted to Paediatrics Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University in 10. The three children discharged on the same day were admitted to the pediatric hospital affiliated to Fudan University after they were diagnosed. Zeng Mei, director of infection department of pediatric hospital, and Xia Aimei, head nurse, led the team to closely monitor the changes of children’s condition and implement individualized treatment plan, which successfully prevented the disease from turning into severe disease. Not only that, they also pay close attention to children’s physical and mental health, and give them company and care, so that children can adapt to the life of isolation ward faster. Zeng Mei said that children are different from adults. Although the symptoms of children cases are mild, the time for nasopharynx new coronavirus detoxification is long and the hospitalization time is long. In addition, the separation from parents makes mental health a big problem. The medical staff in the isolation ward have set up a wechat group for every child’s parents to share videos and photos with parents to communicate the children’s condition and living conditions, so that parents can feel at ease. The novel coronavirus nucleic acid test was negative for 2 children in 3 children after careful treatment and careful care in the isolation ward of pediatric hospital. After the discussion by the group of experts,

has reached the discharge standard. Novel coronavirus pneumonia hospital in Shanghai is the only designated child hospital in the new city of

. Up to now, 75 cases of newly diagnosed pneumonia have been treated, including 64 cases of imported cases and 1 cases of severe cases. Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging