30000 sheep donated by Mongolia are coming! Learn six collocations before eating sheep

On August 10, the first meeting of the working group on donating 30000 sheep from Mongolia to China was held. The meeting mainly discussed the specific issues of acquisition, transportation, isolation, inspection and quarantine, and handover. This marks the official start of Mongolia’s donation process of 30000 sheep to China.

interview experts to tell you the health benefits of eating mutton in dog days and remind you of the best combination of different practices.

Mongolian Deputy Prime Minister soderbart said that the Mongolian government intends to purchase 30000 sheep donated to China from herdsmen to ensure that the donated sheep meet the requirements of epidemic prevention, and at the same time ensure that all sheep are fat and strong.

according to local media reports, the Mongolian government intends to purchase live sheep from herdsmen in central Gobi and Kent provinces, which are close to East Gobi province. The first batch of 15000 live sheep is planned to be delivered to China in September. The sheep will be quarantined here for 30 days after being gathered at zamenud port in Eastern Gobi Province, and then transported to Erlianhot, China by truck.

the diet in the dog days emphasizes keeping up with the times, with the focus on the maintenance of Yang Qi in the body. Mutton warm taste sweet, into the kidney meridian, spleen and stomach deficiency and kidney yang deficiency crowd, drink sheep soup has a good warm kidney, tonifying qi and blood effect.

in addition, blowing air conditioning and drinking cold drinks in summer can easily lead to excessive cold in the body. Eating hot meat such as mutton and beef can warm yang and disperse cold, replenish the middle and replenish qi. It is especially suitable for people with cold hands and feet and insufficient Qi and blood in summer.

we need to remind that when eating hot meat, we should pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetable, and complement warm and cool. If you eat instant boiled mutton hotpot, you should eat more cabbage, white gourd and green vegetables to balance the warm, cool, cold and hot.

when you buy a whole piece of mutton, you can touch it. Fresh mutton feels a little sticky and can easily stick small pieces of paper. If you’ve beaten water or not fresh, you won’t get this sticky feeling.

when purchasing fresh mutton with bone, you can compare the thickness of bone. Generally, the thinner the bones, the younger the sheep and the fresher the meat.

fresh frozen mutton is bright in color and should be bright red. If it is kept for a long time, it will turn white, and the repeatedly thawed mutton is not fresh and often appears dark red. The fat part of mutton should be white and delicate. If it turns yellow, it means it has been frozen for too long.

3. For patients with skin diseases, such as eczema, urticaria, acne, etc., from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, mutton belongs to “hair”, which is easy to induce certain diseases and aggravate symptoms.

the mutton for hot pot washing should be lean or fat and thin, tender and refreshing, easy to slice, such as the upper brain behind the neck, the big and small trigeminal above the front and rear legs of the sheep, and the inner ridge of the sheep.

when the garlic is heated, it has a strong fragrance, which can cover up the smell of mutton. Carrot and mutton penetrate each other in the process of cooking, and β – carotene and other nutrients are integrated into mutton to make it more delicious and sweet.

stewed mutton can be selected from foreleg, shoulder meat, ribs, lamb belly and tendon meat. These parts of the meat is easy to stew, fat and suitable, not very greasy to eat, especially tendons wrapped in muscle, texture, texture, quite chewy.

fried mutton should select the parts with more lean meat, such as hind legs, back and breast meat. Slice the mutton in advance, mix well with seasoning, stir fry the meat quickly with high heat, and take out the pot.

when the mutton rack is on the stove, sprinkle cumin when it is slightly discolored. With the temperature rising, the exudation of oil detonates the taste of cumin, and the double fresh fragrance comes together, which makes people greatly increase their appetite.

it’s not too picky about the selection of roast mutton parts. It’s better to be “three parts fat and seven parts thin”, such as boned hind leg meat, shoulder meat, ribs, back, etc.

white radish, celery, leek, fennel, scallion, etc. have their own unique smell, which can cover up the smell of mutton, promote digestion and make mutton more delicious.

the mutton for stuffing should choose the soft and less gluten parts, such as ribs and neck meat. Fat and thin mixed, easy to cut, more fat, easy to make stuffing together, juicy and oily. ▲BEAUTY&SKIN CARE