31.7% of women will have “pubic pain”. Most of the pregnant women are divided into four categories. How to relieve them

Pubic pain is called “separation of pubic symphysis” academically. It refers to the pain caused by the separation of pubic symphysis on both sides of the pelvis under the action of relaxin.

pregnancy in October is a very difficult process. Pregnant women in the early pregnancy will appear a variety of early pregnancy reactions, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, is the most difficult period of pregnancy. To the second trimester of pregnancy, leg cramps, lower limb edema, there will be a variety of discomfort. To the third trimester of pregnancy, chest tightness, shortness of breath, backache, the most intolerable is still a kind of “pubic pain”, which makes it difficult to walk.

pubic pain is called “separation of pubic symphysis”, which refers to the pain caused by the separation of pubic symphysis on both sides of the pelvis under the action of relaxin. In the third trimester of pregnancy, there will be some changes in the pubic symphysis. The closer it is to the date of delivery, the gap between the pubic symphysis will become larger and wider, generally about 3cm ~ 7cm. In this process, the pregnant mother will feel a sense of being torn, and her body will be very uncomfortable, especially when walking and going up and down stairs.

in China, about 31.7% of pregnant mothers have pubic pain. In all pregnancy periods, the probability of pubic pain is the highest in the third trimester. Although this kind of pain will not happen to everyone, but once it happens, it is intolerable, almost all normal physiological activities will have a certain degree of impact.

after pregnancy, progesterone increases. Although it can maintain normal pregnancy to a certain extent, it also has a certain role in relaxing joints. Especially in the late pregnancy, the pregnant mother begins to secrete relaxin, which makes the joints further relaxed and the fetal living space becomes larger.

in general, the joints will begin to relax around 10 weeks of pregnancy, and the pelvis will be temporarily enlarged at the due date of delivery. At this time, the phenomenon of pubic symphysis separation is likely to occur, so as to make adequate preparation for the birth of the fetus.

it is easy for pregnant women to have calcium deficiency after pregnancy. The fetus absorbs a lot of nutrients from the mother’s umbilical cord, which leads to the deficiency of calcium in the pregnant mother’s body. If sufficient calcium is not supplemented, the pregnant mother will suffer from anorexia and osteoporosis, resulting in weak pubic symphysis joint and pubic pain.

overweight is an important cause of pubic pain in pregnant women. If you gain too much weight, the symphysis of the pubis will be compressed by a lot of gravity, which will lead to the widening of the separation. Generally, if pregnant twins, multiple births or fetal size is too large, it will easily cause pubic pain.

one delivery will have an impact on the physical fitness of the pregnant mother. If the number of deliveries increases, the pelvic structure of the pregnant mother will be more deformed and the joints will become loose.

when the pregnant mother is pregnant again, the pubic symphysis is is loose, which is not as strong as it was in the first pregnancy. In the late pregnancy, the space is more likely to occur, resulting in pubic pain.

if the interval between the birth of two children is too short, it will also cause great harm to the pregnant mother’s body. The interval is less than three years. The separation of the pubic bone has not been closed, and forced widening under the influence of hormone will not only cause more pain, but also continue to expand on the original width.

when a woman reaches a certain age, her bone’s toughness will decline and its flexibility will become worse. If she is pregnant again, her bones will be easily impacted. Not only will the pubic bone separate very slowly, but also the tightening of ligaments and the recovery of cartilage will be very slow.

if you feel strong pain in the pubic bone, you can lighten your movements. When walking, you should slow down as much as possible. It is better to move symmetrically, so as to avoid exerting force on one side and reduce the pressure of weight on the pubis. When sitting, keep legs together as much as possible, and put a cushion at the waist to effectively relieve the pain of separation.

some exercises can also help relieve the pressure on the pubic bone. One of the more effective sports are swimming, the buoyancy of water can support a part of the body weight, temporary digestion of pregnant women’s pain.

the pain of pubic bone also has strong points. If you feel the pain unbearable, it is likely to be caused by inflammation. You can consult the hospital directly, let the doctor check the specific reasons, so as to find out the solution. You can choose to fix it with bandage to avoid further pain. Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this