32 year old man sudden cerebral infarction, doctors remind: cerebral blood vessels fear four things, no matter how young can not often do

As the headquarters of the human body, the brain plays an important role in maintaining the normal operation of the body. If a person has brain diseases, it is equivalent to an army losing its commander, and the human body will be defeated. Nowadays, the cerebral infarction has become a major hidden danger affecting people’s health. The incidence rate of cerebral infarction is increasing in China every year, and the number of deaths due to cerebral infarction is increasing year by year, far exceeding the international average level. Not only that, cerebral infarction is showing a trend of younger age, the disease’s claws began to extend to the younger generation.

a few days ago, the hospital received a patient named Jiang. He was just 32 years old. He was engaged in technical work in the Internet industry. Due to the great pressure of work, Xiao Jiang stayed up late for a long time and had a lot of things to deal with after work. People often forget to eat because of their work. When they feel hungry at night, they ask for a takeout. On the day of coming to the hospital, after waking up, he suddenly found that half of his face was stiff, the corner of his mouth was slanting to one side, and his mouth couldn’t stop his saliva. He couldn’t speak normally. In his impatience, he felt black in front of him and fainted directly, so he was sent to the hospital by his family. Seeing Jiang’s symptoms, the hospital made a brain CT for him. It was found that in his brain, there had been vascular obstruction. Xiao Jiang had cerebral infarction.

cerebral infarction is also known as cerebral infarction, which is a disease of cerebral tissue necrosis caused by cerebral ischemia or hypoxia caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain. Due to the local necrosis of brain tissue, brain function can not work normally, resulting in a series of abnormal symptoms in human body.

many diseases can lead to cerebral infarction, such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, heart disease and so on. Most of these diseases are common among middle-aged and elderly people. However, nowadays, due to more complex environment, personal behavior habits and other factors, more and more young people are also vulnerable to cerebral infarction.

first thing, stay up late. Staying up late can be said to be the number one killer endangering the health of contemporary young people. If you often stay up late, your body can’t get a rest, and if you are in a state of exhaustion for a long time, you will easily have an accident. Due to the dual pressure of work and life, staying up late has almost become a normal phenomenon for young people. In addition, there are endless social entertainment modes, which attract young people. People are reluctant to end their day’s life, but they have to stay up late and play for a while. Because young people’s physical function is better and their foundation is thick, they don’t feel much the next day after staying up late. However, if they stay up late for a long time, they will consume their own lives. The human body will eventually be unable to support one day. When the brain is excessively tired and causes cerebral infarction, it is too late.

the second thing is to sit still. This is also a common problem for many office workers. If people sit still for a long time, their blood circulation will be blocked. At the same time, the blood viscosity will also become higher, and the probability of blood vessel blockage will increase, and thrombosis will be formed. When a thrombus appears in the blood vessels of the brain, it causes a cerebral infarction.

the third thing is that you don’t like drinking water. People need to ensure a certain amount of drinking water every day, which can stabilize the body’s internal circulation and balance. In addition, drinking water can also play a role in diluting blood and helping the body clean up the garbage in blood vessels. If people do not like drinking water, can not reach a certain amount of drinking water every day, blood concentration is high, it is easy to cause cerebral infarction.

the fourth thing is to take a bath immediately after dinner. Some people are used to taking a bath immediately after eating, and then they can sleep comfortably in bed. Little do you know that this is a kind of chronic suicidal behavior, people just after eating, blood mostly concentrated in the stomach, then suddenly bath, the temperature outside the body suddenly increased, blood vessels dilated, blood flow speed increased, people are prone to high blood pressure, brain blood supply shortage and so on. At this time, cerebral infarction is easy to appear.

cerebral blood vessels need to be protected. With the growth of age, the risk of blockage or vascular rupture will increase. Therefore, we should do less to damage blood vessels and prevent cerebrovascular diseases. 2