35 weeks pregnant women were forced to caesarean section, gave birth to “green baby”, the doctor shook his head and sighed: ignorance

When a woman is promoted to be a mother to be, she will not only be restricted in her actions, but also will affect her fetal growth and development. Therefore, since her pregnancy, she should pay special attention to all her behaviors to avoid affecting her baby. < / P > < p > as we all know, regular birth check-up is a necessary work during pregnancy. Through prenatal examination, we can pay close attention to the health status of mother and infant. If the baby has bad condition in the abdomen, it can be found and solved in time to avoid more serious consequences. However, in this scientific society, there are still some people who are backward in thinking and fail to realize the importance of production inspection. In accordance with the thinking of the older generation, they have a fluke mentality and do not do the work of production inspection. Xiaomei is a young mother to be, who was told by her mother-in-law that she did not need to have a birth examination during her pregnancy. My mother-in-law said that pregnancy examination is not a necessary thing, the older generation has never had a birth examination. Moreover, there will be no problem at all when you are young. It’s unnecessary to do birth examination as a means of cheating money in hospitals. < p > < p > after listening to her mother-in-law, Xiaomei didn’t insist on going for a birth check-up. However, seven months later, pruritus appeared on the palms of her hands, feet and face, so Xiaomei proposed to go to the hospital for examination, and was stopped by her mother-in-law. Mother in law believes that the hospital’s B ultrasound will cause radiation to the baby, affecting development. What’s more, hospitals are making a fuss. If you go to the hospital, you will only waste unnecessary money. It’s better to save money and buy nutritious supplements. < p > < p > at 35 weeks, Xiaomei’s symptoms were significantly aggravated, pruritus was found throughout the body, and it was serious at night and affected sleep. At this time, my mother-in-law went to the clinic and took some dermatological drugs to Xiaomei, but the symptoms did not improve, but became more serious. She agreed to go to the hospital for examination. < / P > < p > originally, Xiaomei’s skin pruritus belongs to cholestasis during pregnancy. Due to the high level of bile acid, it directly affects the child. Now the baby’s skin has turned green, which is very dangerous. If it continues, it may be life-threatening. In a hurry, the doctor had to do a cesarean section for Xiaomei in advance. After the baby was born, the whole body was green, just like a “green baby”, shocked all the people present. Doctors said that if they had regular prenatal examination during pregnancy, they could find out early and take remedial measures. Now, it’s fortunate that the child’s life is not in danger because of missing the best treatment time. After listening to the doctor, my mother-in-law regretted it. < p > < p > prenatal examination is a kind of clinical means to observe and judge the physical condition of mother and infant in medicine, which can play a preventive role. Although there are few adverse cases in the process of pregnancy examination, mothers to be must not have a fluke mentality. Regular prenatal examination is a safety guarantee for the baby and herself, which must not be ignored. < / P > < p > due to the physical changes caused by pregnancy, many mothers to be become lazy and often lie down for a day, which is a very bad habit. Proper exercise during pregnancy can increase blood circulation and enhance placental blood flow, which is very beneficial to baby’s growth and development. In addition, appropriate exercise can control the weight gain during pregnancy, enhance muscle strength, and help to deliver in the future. < / P > < p > pregnant women are a special group, eating unhealthy and fresh food will directly affect the development of their babies. Many expectant mothers have a strong taste after pregnancy and like to eat spicy and stimulating food. However, this seemingly ordinary little habit has a great impact on the baby. Unhealthy diet during pregnancy will accumulate garbage toxin in the body, which will make the baby on fire and affect health. Therefore, expectant mothers should pay attention to food hygiene, ensure light eating habits, and create a clean growth environment for their babies. < p > < p > pregnancy is an important period in women’s life, although hard but very sweet. During this period, we must ensure good living habits and family members should also give care and help to meet the lovely baby together. 08/17/2020