36 year old woman found cervical cancer, the doctor said frankly: smell will know, but it has not been taken seriously!

Mention of cancer, which makes many people very afraid, this incurable disease has been plagued by human beings, so far there is no radical cure method, especially for women with cervical cancer, like the devil attacks women’s body, cervical cancer and other cancers, the early symptoms are not very obvious, so it is very easy to mix with some gynecological diseases, often when I am People feel abnormal when the body, at this time to go to the hospital for examination, it is too late, may have reached the cervical cancer to the advanced stage. < / P > < p > 36 year old Xiao Wang found a pungent odor on his body some time ago, especially leucorrhea, which seemed to look like bean curd residue. At first, Xiao Wang didn’t pay much attention to it. He felt that this should be some gynecological inflammation. After all, 80% of women have gynecological inflammation, so Xiao Wang didn’t take it seriously. However, when Xiao Wang mentioned it to her husband later, he urged her to do some tests. The minor illness in the province was dragged into a serious one, so he was relieved. Later, accompanied by her husband, Xiao Wang went to the hospital to do a special examination, but the results let her fall to the bottom. < p > < p > when Xiao Wang saw this result, she felt that she had heard the wrong thing in her ears. How could she get cervical cancer when she was so young? When she got the examination report, Xiao Wang stood there foolishly, because the report showed epithelial squamous cell lesions, she needed further examination, and finally confirmed that Xiao Wang was indeed advanced cervical cancer. < p > < p > at this time, seeing such a result, Xiao Wang cried faintly at that time. The normally healthy and happy family of three was suddenly broken by this nightmare. Later, under the doctor’s arrangement, Xiao Wang successfully had the operation. The pathological changes of epithelial cells are also a major factor in inducing cervical cancer. Of course, Xiao Wang is also infected with cervical cancer because of this. Therefore, the main reason for epithelial cell lesions is that the human body is infected with HPV virus. < / P > < p > when HPV continues to infect, it will lead to cervical lesions, especially in the middle and late stage, cervical cells will necrosis and infection, resulting in abnormal leucorrhea in the lower body, which will generally appear tofu like or watery shape, accompanied by a special odor. Many experienced doctors know it as soon as they smell it, because the smell is different from other tastes. It smells like dead fish, and sometimes it is accompanied by abdominal pain. < / P > < p > 21-year-old women must form a good habit of regular examination, especially for married women. HPV, TCT and biopsy should be included in the examination. Of course, the doctor will instruct and recommend us to adopt the specific needs. However, we should have such awareness, because these examinations can timely detect physical abnormalities, early detection and early treatment. In life, women should clean themselves and pay attention to hygiene, because some HPV infections are due to improper relationship between men and women, while others are due to careless health. Therefore, women’s day should pay more attention to keep clean and tidy, especially in menstrual period. HPV virus is the “culprit” of cervical cancer, especially when it is found that they have been infected with high-risk HPV virus. At this time, girls should pay enough attention to this, timely medical treatment, timely clearance of HPV, because persistent infection may induce cervical lesions. To eliminate HPV, one’s own immunity is very important. It is suggested to take more exercise and eat more foods with high vitamin and protein, especially for girls’ day when their immunity is low due to long-term lack of protein, vitamins and other nutritional elements. Even if you are busy with your work, you should pay attention to the supplement of nutritional elements, such as diet Eat more meat, fruits and vegetables, such as milk. In addition, some nutritional supplements, such as Agaricus blazei Murill malt selenium, can be directly supplemented if conditions permit, such as Agaricus blazei Murill malt selenium, which contains Agaricus blazei Murill polysaccharide, trace elements selenium, carotene and other nutrients needed by immune cells, which can stimulate immune cells in vivo, and can promote the secretion of immune factors such as interferon and interleukin, It can also enhance the lethality of immune cells, so as to eliminate HPV virus in the body and prevent the occurrence of cervical lesions to a great extent. At the same time, as an immune supplement, it is also widely used to assist in regulating HPV negative conversion. < / P > < p > in daily life, when we find something abnormal in the body, especially in women, once there are abnormal leucorrhea, non menstrual blood discharge and other abnormal symptoms, we must see a doctor in time, find out early and treat early. We should be clean in our daily life, protect ourselves and pay attention to hygiene at the same time. After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so