40 year old mother’s fat reduction meal like this, smoothly through the bottleneck period, weight whoosh down, good complexion

In the fitness and weight-loss circle, there are people with different constitutions, some of whom eat and drink after high-intensity training every day, and those who eat three meals after proper exercise every day. All kinds of people have different pursuit and requirements for their own body and shape. My best friend said that when people reach 40, they don’t ask for any protrusion and back warping, but for health and body fat to meet their height, weight and age.

so, not everyone wants to lose 10 to 20 jin a month. I still hope to improve the body’s metabolism and reduce fat and body weight through a step-by-step method. People say that I have lost a lot of weight recently, but in fact, everyone will have a bottleneck period on the way to lose weight. The so-called bottleneck period is how to train and how to eat. The body weight and body fat are still motionless. People with different constitutions have different bottleneck periods.

don’t worry too much about the numbers on the scale. It’s more important to reduce fat or shape. So if you eat the right three meals, you don’t have to worry about it even if you’re in the bottleneck period. If you make proper diet adjustment during the bottleneck period, your weight will drop along with you, so the three meals of fat reduction meal are particularly important.

what do I have for my fat reduction meals? Generally, coarse grains, brown rice and sweet potatoes are the main sources of carbon water intake, and there are more protein and vegetables. Don’t worry about the bottleneck period, and don’t go on a diet. Learn to make a fat reducing meal with me. If you eat the right food, you will not be afraid to turn yellow and have no acne. During the period of fat reduction, you should be vigorous and energetic, and you will look good.

ingredients: 1 piece of chicken breast, 1 tsp cooking wine, 30g quinoa, 80g brown rice, a little green beans and carrots, 1 tsp olive oil and a little salt.

1. Chicken breast is the main meat to reduce fat and lose weight. Because of its economic benefits, high protein and low calorie, prepare a piece of chilled chicken breast.

2. Cut the chicken breast into small pieces, add a little cooking wine and a little oil, mix well and marinate. At the same time, prepare some carrots and green beans, red and green, fat meal must have a certain amount of green vegetables, green beans can also be replaced with broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, etc., according to their own taste.

3. Let’s say goodbye to some brown rice and quinoa in advance. Brown rice and quinoa are very high-quality low-fat staple food, rich in nutrition, and are very popular with people who lose weight and keep fit. Before cooking, brown rice should be soaked in advance. When cooking, water can be reduced to avoid brown rice being too soft and rotten. Add a handful of quinoa to enrich the taste and nutrition of brown rice.

5. Then put the cooked quinoa brown rice into the pot and stir fry with chicken breast and vegetable diced. I like to have more granularities, so it takes longer to stir fry the rice. The water in the rice is evaporated, and the taste is better.

brown rice and rice have almost the same amount of calories, but they feel full for a long time. Quinoa has a comprehensive and rich nutrition. During the fat reduction bottleneck period, try to cook by yourself and bring your own lunch to reduce the pressure of eating out, so that you can get through the bottleneck period smoothly without any tangle. Adjust the diet structure to make your fat reduction more effective.

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