45-55 years old is a man’s life-span, do five things as little as possible, longevity is not difficult

It is said that the older a man is, the more mature he is. Generally speaking, his family and career are stable, and his social experience, contacts and abilities are all very good. In fact, when men reach 45, they also begin to enter the aging stage. However, many men in life are not satisfied with their old age and feel that they are still very young. They often regret not paying attention to them or protecting them early when they have problems Raise.

men aged 45-55 will have great changes both psychologically and physically. The age of 45 can be said to be a demarcation point. After 45 years of age, the physiological functions of men will gradually decline. This decade is a very critical decade, which is the outbreak period of various diseases, and also the golden longevity period. It is not contradictory. It is not difficult to live a healthy and long life after this threshold has passed.

drinking tea can not only cultivate one’s body and mind, but also is a good way to keep healthy. It’s true to drink tea itself, but many men mistakenly think that the thicker the tea, the better. But on the contrary, drinking light tea is good for health. There is a special acid in tea. If you often drink strong tea, this acid will not be conducive to the body’s absorption of protein and other nutrients. In particular, some men like to drink a cup of tea immediately after dinner. It is better to get rid of this habit in time.

many men have beer belly as soon as they are 40 years old or even in their 30s. They are ridiculed as “greasy middle-aged men”. This is closely related to their daily diet and exercise. They have more social intercourse, more wine, too much meat, and they don’t like to exercise. Who is fat if you are not fat?

obesity has been regarded as a disease by the World Health Organization. It is not just a simple influence on image. Once people become obese, all kinds of chronic diseases are easy to come to, and blood vessels will also bear greater pressure.

when drinking beer with friends, the first to go to the toilet and keep running to the toilet are often ridiculed as having a bad kidney. Some men will deliberately suppress urine for the sake of face, so as to prove their renal function is very good. Little do you know, often hold urine can affect the normal operation of renal function, but will lead to kidney disease. When drinking beer, the urine will come quickly, and the amount of urine is relatively large. In fact, it is a normal phenomenon. If you drink so much beer, you don’t have any sense of urination, you need to pay attention to it.

many men feel that they are in good health and there is no need to go for a physical examination. Even if there is any discomfort in their body, they will choose to carry them. They think that this is a real man. They can’t go to the hospital with a slight illness or pain. Little do you know, this age group is a high incidence of various diseases, especially some andrology problems and tumors, regular physical examination is necessary.

although we have reached middle age, we still have a lot of burden on our bodies. Many middle-aged men are the pillars of the whole family. In order to have a better life, many men try their best to make money, stay up late and constantly overdraft their bodies. But have you ever thought about what will happen if their body breaks down? Can’t continue to make money, for the whole family is a heavy blow.

in fact, male friends also need to learn how to maintain their health. Only when they are in good health can everything else be possible. Don’t be dissatisfied with old age. At this age, we need to change these habits.

Finally, I also hope that male friends should learn to self regulate their bad emotions and maintain a good attitude. When they are under great pressure, they should learn to reduce pressure reasonably, and do not always store bad emotions in their hearts. 08/17/2020