45 year old aunt and 18-year-old daughter shopping, was mistaken for “sister”, just because usually like fitness

Introduction: many female friends will begin to feel the cruelty of the pig knife of time when they are 40 years old. Although they use various skin care products to maintain their face every day, the wrinkles on their face are still growing one by one, and their skin is becoming more and more loose. Some people even begin to grow spots.

However, the heroine we are going to talk about today is also a 45 year old aunt, but she is different from many of her peers. Although 45 years old and her daughter walk together, they are always mistaken for sisters by unfamiliar people. Hear here a lot of aunts of the same age are very curious about how to maintain it?

in fact, many people don’t know that it’s not only skin care products that can keep young, no matter how many skin care products they have, they can’t regulate their body’s endocrine. To be really young, we must rely on exercise, because only exercise can make us sweat, help our body detoxify, promote metabolism and stabilize endocrine.

this aunt’s name is Aidier. From the photos, it seems that she is really sorry. Because she really looks like a young girl. It’s more like “sister”. In the photo, aiduer and his 18-year-old daughter took a group photo together, and they hugged happily.

we can see that the mother and daughter are both in very good shape, the waistcoat line is very prominent, and they also have perfect hips, and the body lines are very perfect. Even if the two people compare, they can’t see the age gap. If they don’t look carefully, they can’t tell which one is their mother.

and the mother and daughter have a very good relationship. They both like traveling very much, so they often punch in and take photos in different places. Because they have a good figure, they always wear clothes that show their figure every time they go out, and they are confident and beautiful.

Aidier is 45 years old, but she is still very energetic. She likes to integrate into the circle of young people and communicate and play with them. Aidier herself also said that because she often stays with young people, she often forgets her age.

many people don’t believe Aidier when they know her age, because she has a very good figure and looks very young, not like a 45 year old. However, Aidier said that every time she heard so many people praise her, she felt very happy.

she thinks that the reason why she can keep frozen age is that she loves to keep fit and spends an hour exercising almost every day. She was also very generous to share with you some of the most effective sports she felt.

what she likes to do most is a sport called Pilates, because its shaping effect is very good. And there are only three simple movements. Let’s learn:

this movement is relatively simple. We can easily complete it with the help of the stretcher. Step on the stretcher with both feet, and then lift it up and down with our hands. This exercise can exercise our arms very effectively, and help us to eliminate the extra weight of our arms. Do 4 groups every day, 15 times in each group.

the core of this action is to exercise our waist and abdomen, which can easily help us to practice the vest line, so that we can show it in summer. We sit on the yoga mat, hands and feet on the thruster, legs straight forward and then back, while the body first backward, and then forward. Do 6 groups every day, 10 for each group.

core training actually helps us exercise our whole body. It takes a lot of effort to do this exercise, so it can burn a lot of calories. Want to lose weight friends must do, rely on the thruster, the legs bend into 90 degrees, extend forward, and then back, the body in the legs back up.

the sport of Pilates has higher requirements on the thruster. This kind of thruster is a new version after a brand-new upgrade. The handle is full of elasticity. It uses elastic foam, which can not only absorb sweat, but also protect hands. The thruster has 4 elastic latex tubes, no matter how you pull it, it will not break. Don’t miss it if you want to lose weight.

conclusion: with a good figure, you can have satisfactory love, and with a good figure, you can have a satisfactory job. More will let oneself become more confident, so in order to make oneself more excellent, act quickly! Focus