45 year old elder sister dysmenorrhea for many years, the doctor scolded: really ignorant, you this is harm yourself

Introduction: 45 year old sister Lin has suffered from dysmenorrhea for many years, but in order to save money, she never went to the hospital for examination and kept her family in secret. Later, her colleagues discovered the abnormality of elder sister Lin, and then advised her to go to the hospital for examination. Elder sister Lin felt that it was really necessary to go to the hospital for examination. However, she finally went down to the hospital after her colleague’s persuasion. After the examination, she found that there were uterine lesions, and she was very grateful to her colleagues for telling her that it was fortunately not a disaster. < / P > < p > the appearance of baggy eyes may be caused by poor sleep quality, which is also one of the important manifestations of irregular menstruation. If you find that you have such symptoms, you should pay more attention to rest, and you can apply hot water to your eyes. < / P > < p > if constipation occurs during menstruation, it may be due to the loss of endometrium during menstruation and the decrease of body water caused by massive discharge of menstrual blood. At this time, more attention should be paid to drinking water to supplement water. < / P > < p > some girls will have low back pain during menstruation, which may be due to adverse reactions caused by uterine injury. When this happens, more attention should be paid to it. It is necessary to check it. < p > < p > staying up late for a long time will reduce the body resistance and cause adverse diseases. During menstruation, due to the reduction of blood in girls, it will have some impact on various organs of the body. If you stay up late for a long time, it will cause irregular menstruation, affect physical health, and cause damage to the skin, making skin aging rapidly. < / P > < p > it is very important to keep a good mood during menstruation. A good mood can relieve dysmenorrhea and regulate menstrual state. Many people don’t pay attention to it and think that anger will not affect the body, which is extremely unwise. Often angry will make the body too tense, prone to fatigue and fatigue. So during menstruation should pay more attention to maintain a good mood, less angry. < / P > < p > many people don’t know how to regulate menstruation, and even use the wrong method, which not only does not play a role in protecting the uterus, but also damages the uterus. Therefore, it is not allowed to blindly follow the crowd to regulate menstruation, and it is necessary to find the right method to suit the medicine to the case. In ancient times, many medical books have records, in which longan, jujube, medlar, ginger and other plants are recorded in detail, and their curative effects are described. Here is a food therapy prescription. The ingredients are as follows: < / P > < p > the above ingredients can effectively alleviate the irregular menstruation of girls, and eating more can protect the health of the uterus. Through the complex and reasonable work of the above food materials, we can effectively relieve the irregular menstruation of girls Preface, it will be made into a tea bag, its bubble water drink can play a better effect. < p > < p > conclusion: 45 year old sister dysmenorrhea for many years, improper, the doctor denounced: ignorance, you are harm yourself. Menstruation only comes once a month. The normal menstruation depends on the health of the uterus. Menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon caused by endometrial abscission. Once menstrual disorder, to a large extent, it represents abnormal uterus, so in general should pay more attention to this aspect. HEALTHY LIFE