45 years old, uric acid 610, no gout, but more “stone”, the doctor taught him three moves, successful reversal

The 45 year old Liu has been suffering from high uric acid for four or five years. Because he did not have gout and no other discomfort, he had never been recuperated and intervened. He should eat and drink. With the continuous extension of high uric acid time, Lao Liu was glad that he had never had gout. At the same time, he also found that “bulges” appeared in the back of his earrings There are also degenerative and swollen “nodules” in his fingers and toes. When he went to the hospital for examination, his uric acid had reached 610. The doctor told him that these “bulges” in his body were actually “gout stones” caused by high uric acid.

many friends know that the greatest harm of hyperuricemia is to cause gout attack. The onset of acute gouty arthritis is indeed the manifestation of high uric acid disease that makes people feel the health hazards most directly. However, in real life, there are still many patients with high uric acid, even if the uric acid value rises to a very high level, they will not have the attack of acute gout.

Why does this happen? To understand this problem, we need to start with the principle that high uric acid leads to acute gout attack. Uric acid is a kind of metabolite in our body, and it is also a kind of slightly soluble chemical organic salt. When the concentration of uric acid in the blood exceeds the standard, urate will precipitate needle like crystals. These crystals will easily form deposits in some parts of the body as the blood flows through the body, At the same time, it may also cause inflammatory reaction in some parts, such as the big toe joint, ankle part, etc., causing severe pain, swelling and other symptoms of joints, which is the simple process of acute gout attack. But some friends have the problem of high uric acid. Urate also precipitates in the blood and forms accumulation in relevant parts. However, due to the slow and stable deposition rate, there is no inflammatory pain reaction at the joint site, so there will be no acute gout.

this deposit of urate is mainly concentrated in the soft tissue of the body. In addition to the joint area, it is also an important part of gouty stone formation behind the eardrum. Therefore, some friends with high uric acid problems should be alert to gouty stones if they find swollen nodules behind the earrings or deformation of joints such as fingers and toes and bulges The reason why we should pay attention to these parts does not mean that gout stones will not appear in the big joints. However, when the gout stones are small, the gout stones in the small joints are more easily found behind the earrings, while the gout stones formed by urate deposits in the big joints are more hidden. Through ultrasonic examination, gout caused by urate crystal deposition can also be found Stone problem.

in addition to the gout stones in the joint, it is also necessary to pay attention to the formation of uric acid salt in the kidney. On the one hand, it may affect the health of renal interstitium, and eventually even affect the renal function. In addition, it may form acid urine kidney stones, leading to the occurrence of acute kidney stones.

therefore, the harm of high uric acid is not only to cause acute gout attack, but also to take anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs for a few days to relieve pain. Long term high uric acid can not be effectively controlled. Even if there is no acute gout attack, high uric acid may still deposit to form slow gout stone and damage kidney health, which can not be ignored.

in view of Lao Liu’s condition, the doctor conducted a comprehensive examination on the gout stones formed on him, and found that these gout stones were in the early stage of formation, and did not cause significant damage to the bone, connective tissue and soft tissue. Therefore, he gave him three suggestions. Lao Liu strictly observed for half a year, and found that the bulge behind the ear and the deformation of fingers and toes were all smaller The doctor told him that with strict adherence, these places could even recover completely.

can gout stone dissolve again? Of course, it can. The formation of gout stone is caused by the precipitation of urate due to the supersaturation of urate concentration in the body. If the level of uric acid is strictly controlled and the uric acid level in the blood is reduced to less than 300 μ mol / L, the urate deposited in the soft tissue will be re dissolved back into the blood, and through long-term persistence, the gout stone may disappear.

However, it should be pointed out that gout stones formed by urate deposition can indeed be re dissolved in principle. However, after gout stones are formed, urate crystals will cause chronic inflammatory reactions in the body, which will harm the health of the formation site of gout stones, such as skin ulceration caused by outward development, and even the formation of fistulas, such as inward damage to cartilage and bone health Therefore, for the intervention of high uric acid and gout stone, we must grasp the principle as soon as possible. The later the control is, the greater the harm has been caused by gout stone in the body, and it is difficult to completely reverse and improve the intervention with high uric acid and gout stone.

the first thing is to stop drinking. Alcohol is an important risk factor for the formation of hyperuricemia. The intake of alcohol will not only promote the production of uric acid, but also affect the excretion of urate in the process of catabolism. This two-way influence is an important factor leading to high uric acid. Therefore, abstinence from alcohol is a very necessary way of life intervention for those who have developed gout with hyperuricemia or have not had gout, but have formed gout stones.

the second suggestion is to do a good job in diet and exercise. Lao Liu loves seafood, pig intestines, hotpot and tripe. These foods are exactly high purine diets. If you want to strictly control the level of uric acid, you need to adjust the diet structure. The above high purine diet should eat less as much as possible, but eat more vegetables, fruits, grains and other low purine foods rich in vitamins Drink more water, drink milk every day, drink less fructose rich drinks, these dietary attention, are helpful to strengthen the control of high uric acid; at the same time, the doctor also suggested that Lao Liu should get rid of the bad habit of sedentary and no exercise, and gradually strengthen exercise, through insisting on exercise, to strengthen the metabolic capacity of the body and assist in strengthening the control of blood uric acid.

the third suggestion of doctors is to control uric acid level for a long time. Liu’s uric acid level is as high as 610 μ mol / L. although there is no gout attack, it has already been seriously over the standard. In this case, it is very difficult to completely reduce the level of uric acid by simply giving up drinking, diet and strengthening exercise. In many expert guidelines, if the general level of uric acid is more than 540, it is suggested that we should strengthen the control of blood uric acid with drugs on the basis of life conditioning. According to Liu’s condition, the doctor selected febuxostat for him to control high uric acid, and ordered him to take it for a long time and regularly monitor the level of uric acid.

through the strict and self-discipline lifestyle conditioning intervention mentioned above, plus the rational use of drugs according to the doctor’s advice, the uric acid level of Lao Liu dropped to below 300 within one month. Due to long-term adherence to healthy living habits, at the same time, attention should be paid to drug control, and blood uric acid level was checked regularly, which did not exceed 300 Gout stone has also been greatly reduced, I believe that before long, the gout stone on Lao Liu will be reversed and further restored to health.

my friends, I want to share this example with you. I want to tell you two points. First, the harm of high uric acid to health is not only to cause joint pain, acute gout attack, chronic gout stone problems, and the impact of renal function and health, which are also not easy to ignore. Secondly, if you want to control and reverse the problem of gout stone, we must do it as soon as possible If the high uric acid level can be strictly controlled below 300, the early mild gout stone problem can be completely reversed and eliminated. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!