48 year old uncle, it took two months, triglyceride 5.6 to 1.5, according to the three steps

When it comes to triglyceride, I believe many people don’t know that it is the most common lipid in the human body, and it is also an important part of blood lipids. It is generally used to provide energy for the human body. Under normal circumstances, triglyceride should be less than 1.7mmol/l. Once it is more than 1.7mmol/l, it belongs to the category of hyperlipidemia. Triglyceride in this state will cause great harm to human health, and it’s very important Cardiovascular disease “culprit”, so triglyceride high, we must pay attention to, timely down.

Uncle Li, 48, found that triglyceride was too high two months ago, and the index had reached 5.6mmol/l, which was very high. However, it took only two months for Uncle Li to reduce triglyceride to 1.5. Many people were curious about how Uncle Li reduced triglyceride and asked for experience. Uncle Li said, first of all, we should eat less or not to eat four kinds of food, because most of the reasons for the increase of triglycerides are caused by unhealthy daily diet. Therefore, if we want to reduce triglycerides, we must control our daily diet.

Uncle Li seldom eats or does not eat high-fat food in his life, such as all kinds of fat meat, animal viscera, barbecue food, fried food and so on. The food contains a lot of fatty substances. If he eats it, it will increase the triglyceride content in the body, and then cause the triglyceride rise, which is not conducive to reducing triglyceride. Therefore, his daily diet must be well controlled.

the food containing a lot of cholesterol should be eaten less or not. This is because cholesterol substances will also be converted into triglycerides, which will lead to the increase of triglycerides. Therefore, the daily diet must eat less high cholesterol food, such as common egg yolk, crab roe, animal viscera, soup and so on.

people with high triglycerides are not suitable to eat foods containing a lot of sugar, such as cakes, sugar, drinks and so on. This is because sugar will be converted into triglycerides, which will lead to the increase of triglycerides, which is not conducive to the reduction of triglycerides. In serious cases, it can induce cardiovascular disease. We should pay attention to this.

in addition to daily diet control, Uncle Li will drink a cup of wild buckwheat winter mulberry fermented liquid, which is specially used to reduce blood fat. It is fermented by a variety of herbal plants such as buckwheat, frosty mulberry leaves, seabuckthorn and cassia seed. It contains rich flavonoids, linoleic acid, nicotinic acid, rutin and other organic ingredients, which can clean up the garbage in blood vessels, inhibit the formation of lipids, and promote the growth of lipids The excretion of excess lipid can help reduce triglyceride, maintain blood vessels and prevent cardiovascular disease.

it’s the best. Daily living habits are also very important. It’s difficult for people who often smoke and drink and don’t like sports to reduce triglyceride. On the contrary, it may aggravate the disease. Therefore, if you want to reduce triglyceride, you need to develop good living habits. The most important thing in life is to stop smoking and limit alcohol and maintain emotional stability Exercise is not only good for health, but also good for reducing triglyceride. In the process of exercise, the metabolism will speed up, help to decompose the excess lipid in the body, and quickly reduce triglyceride. It should be noted that it is best to choose aerobic exercise, such as jogging, fast walking, Tai Chi, playing ball, etc., and refuse strenuous exercise. Focus