5 pregnant mothers 3 swollen, how to avoid foot swelling into “pig hoof”, pregnant mother has learned

If it is not convenient to do massage, then husband can help. After all, massage is also good for the baby and pregnant mother in the stomach, and can also let the couple communicate with each other and enhance their emotions.

Xiong Dailin had edema in the late pregnancy. She had not long had a beautiful and lovely twin daughter, and she had a photo of her feet swollen and ears on her microblog.

Xiong Dailin also doesn’t know when to put these “pig hoofs” into high heels since the black way. She feels like she is really great! Although the general pregnant women will have more edema in the late pregnancy, it is not uncommon to see that the edema is very severe after having children like this.

the blood flow of lower limbs is hindered. When pregnant mothers reach the late pregnancy, the uterus in the body will also grow larger and larger, and will compress the vein, which will cause serious obstruction of blood flow of veins, which causes the swelling of hands and feet.

endocrine changes in women after pregnancy, endocrine will change, secretion of certain hormones, while water, sodium and other elements in the body will be retained more, and then will cause edema and other problems.

the blood volume of the diluted blood during pregnancy will increase, but the increase of red blood cells in the body is not obvious, and the plasma protein has no significant change.

some expectant mothers who need to stand or sit for a long time can put a shorter bench at their feet. In the work of leisure also need to walk properly, to improve the blood flow of the lower limbs.

it is suggested that pregnant mothers raise their legs for 15-20 minutes before bed or during lunch break, which can accelerate blood flow. Some shoes with tight or heel will restrict blood flow to the feet, which will aggravate the swelling of the feet and also cause pain. You can choose loose and comfortable flat shoes, and family are more comfortable.

the stockings can make the pressure distribution of legs evenly, and it also has good effect on inhibiting varicose veins. Because of the edema of pregnancy the appearance of the foot is most obvious, pregnant mothers should pay more attention to the feet.

pay attention to eating less or not eating foods that are difficult to digest and easily cause flatulence, such as fried food, sweet potato, potato, etc., so as to avoid digestive discomfort and abdominal distension, and aggravate edema.

so pregnant mothers should avoid some salted and processed foods, and can selectively eat some vegetables and fruits and foods with rich protein.

such food can not only improve the resistance of mother itself, promote metabolism, but also play a role in urination, which is helpful to reduce edema.

this sitting position with legs crossed is very bad for pregnant mothers, and the ankle joint parts may block fluid circulation, thus aggravating swelling discomfort.

so pregnant mothers usually sit, they should not cross their legs. They can often do some leg lifting actions, relax the muscles of the legs, and the range should not be too large. They can also move their toes and so on.

instead, drinking more water at this time can help pregnant mothers drain excess water from their bodies. Drinking water will not be swollen, too much salt can easily lead to water, sodium elements not well discharged, resulting in edema.

in short, it is important for mothers who have edema in the late pregnancy to worry and feel sad, and it is important to master the correct methods of swelling reduction. Today, the 9 small methods shared by the small editors hope to help pregnant mothers. Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging