50 year old man, triglyceride down to 1.8, frankly: he did two things

As we all know, triglyceride is a major item of blood lipid examination, which can help to judge the degree of health. If the triglycerides in life exceed the normal index of 1.7mmol/l, it is often said that “hypertriglyceridemia” has a greater impact on health. < p > < p > when Mr. Chen first knew it, he was quite anxious. Fortunately, his son was a doctor. He told Mr. Chen to do a few small things, and triglyceride would go down. < / P > < p > many patients with triglycerides think that they need to take medicine if the triglycerides are too high, but this is not the case. First of all, it is simply high triglycerides, if there are no other complications. Under the guidance of his son, Mr. Chen changed some bad habits in his life, such as smoking, drinking, eating meat rather than vegetables. < / P > < p > on diet, you can eat more fruits and vegetables and foods containing protein and high fiber, and less fat, animal liver and other food; usually, you need to do more exercise to promote the decomposition of excess fat in the body. There are many common edible and medicinal ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine, such as tartary buckwheat, Hippophae rhamnoides, mulberry leaves, chrysanthemum, cassia seed, Sophora japonica, etc. < / P > < p > the effective ingredients in the above six kinds of food, such as mulberry leaf polysaccharide, flavonoids, amino acids, linoleic acid and other substances, can reduce triglycerides. < / P > < p > when people with high triglycerides supplement this nutrient, it can promote the decomposition of fat, soften blood vessels, and reduce triglycerides. Friends in need can click below to understand: < / P > < p > of course, if after three months of this conditioning, triglyceride will not fall down, you need to consider drug treatment. But if Hypertriglyceride has multiple complications, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular obstruction, it needs timely drug treatment. The increase of triglycerides means that the fat content in the body will also increase and accumulate in the body. This time will form a small yellow rice size rash, appear in the eyelids. < / P > < p > in life, patients with triglycerides often feel dizzy and headache, and they should also pay attention to whether the triglycerides are increased. Especially the frequency of frequent occurrence, even chest tightness, shortness of breath, poor memory and other symptoms, there are these cases, to consider the problem of triglyceride. < / P > < p > when triglycerides rise, the blood consistency will increase, resulting in slower blood circulation and flow, resulting in insufficient blood supply and hypoxia in the legs, as well as the symptoms of leg cramps. 08/17/2020