51 baby face cream evaluation (Part I): what risk components need attention?

In September, the weather in the whole country gradually turned cool from north to south, and the air gradually became dry. Baby skin moisturizing work, treasure mothers should start to pay attention to it. < / P > < p > because the skin function development is not perfect, the baby’s skin is more prone to water shortage and dryness, especially on the face. In particular, it may cause eczema and itching in winter.

stupid dad chose 51 baby cream with higher sales volume to carry out compositional analysis and comparative evaluation. In this issue, let’s first look at the composition of these 51 baby face cream, which adds the risk components that need attention, and may not be very friendly to the baby with sensitive skin.

1, this evaluation, the consumer group is mainly under the age of 3 years old baby, part of the cream over 3 years old can also be used, the specific age of the product packaging instructions shall prevail.

P.S. compared with the cream, frost moisturizing effect is usually better, more suitable for facial moisturizing, emulsion is used for the body. The main ingredients of

baby cream are moisturizers, moisturizers, emulsifiers, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, preservatives, flavors, and so on. These ingredients are allowed in the mandatory range of cosmetics. However, some ingredients may cause some skin problems for babies with sensitive skin, which need special attention. The preservatives of Nipagin ester, i.e. “hydroxybenzene x ester” in the composition table, can destroy the cell membrane of microorganism and denature the protein in the cell, so as to play the role of sterilization and antisepsis. Parabens can accumulate in human body and have estrogen like effect. Long term exposure may affect the normal endocrine level in the body, and have certain irritation and sensitization to the skin. It is generally believed that the short chain Nipagin ester has lower irritation and sensitization and higher safety at the allowable concentration. The risk of long-chain Nipagin ester is higher. Of the 51 baby creams that were evaluated in

this year, 9 had added hydroxybenzyl ester, without the addition of hydroxybenzoate and hydroxybenzoate. It should be noted that hydroxypropyl ester is added to 7 series, including fuerke, Qianzhi herbal medicine, honeylanguage, beibeibeishu, crocodile baby and feilijie. < / P > < p > in practical use, Nipagin ester preservatives may not necessarily cause irritation to the baby’s skin, and the specific effect is related to the amount of added and the baby’s skin texture. But after all, if you want to apply it to your face every day, you should carefully use the long chain paraben ester preservative cream for young children, especially those with skin sensitivity. The concentration of formaldehyde in cosmetics should be ≤ 0.2%, which is consistent with the standards of the United States and the European Union. In the 51 baby face cream of

, Yu Ying Fang infant moisturizer is 2- bromine -2- nitropropane -1,3- diol, which belongs to formaldehyde release antiseptic. The risk level of 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol assessed by EWG of US Environmental Working Group is moderate and high, especially for skin and eyes. < / P > < p > although formaldehyde releasing body preservatives release formaldehyde in a slow and trace form, in order to avoid possible skin irritation, it is suggested that babies with sensitive skin should avoid such ingredients as far as possible. Benzalkonium chloride and chlorhexidine are broad-spectrum fungicides, which have antibacterial effect on Gram-positive and negative bacteria. In a reasonable range, it is allowed to be used in cosmetics, but it should be noted that long-term use of sensitive skin may cause contact dermatitis, and benzalkonium chloride may also cause eye irritation. In the 51 baby face cream evaluated by

, 2 series of benzonium chloride were added in the series. Yuyingfang, jiezhiguan and quefu cream add chlorhexidine diacetate and chlorhexidine acetate, which belong to chlorhexidine preservatives.

flavor has thousands of varieties, but China’s relevant regulations do not require specific ingredients, only labeled “essence”, so the ingredients can not be found in the composition of the specific flavor categories. Although

flavor can provide a pleasant smell, there are many allergens in thousands of fragrances. The European Union’s Cosmetics Directive lists 26 kinds of easily sensitized flavors: the 51 series of baby face cream released by

in this series, the 2 series of arvero and sitaway were added benzyl alcohol, belonging to one of the 26 kinds of the EU’s sensitizing essence.

if you are not sure whether the baby is allergic to essence, you should do some local smear test, then use it in a large area, or choose baby cream without fragrance.

some cream will add one or more plant extracts, and the plant extracts may also have potential allergens because of their complex components. For example, some babies may be allergic to peppermint leaf oil. Therefore, it is also recommended to do a local test to make sure that the baby is not allergic before use.

part of baby cream will add milk protein to increase milk flavor and moisturize skin. However, if the baby is allergic to milk protein, it is best to avoid.

51 baby face cream, crocodile baby, Nobel, Johnson, Yu Ying Fang, Ying and Harold 6 cream contain milk protein ingredients.

propanediol, phenoxy alcohol and butylhydroxytoluene are relatively common components in baby cream, but if they are overused, they may cause allergic reactions in a small number of infants. < / P > < p > from the existing research and national standards and regulations, the safety of these three ingredients is relatively high within the allowable dosage range, and babies with healthy skin need not worry too much and avoid it. < / P > < p > the last thing to be reminded is that most of the 51 products evaluated in this period belong to “make-up” brand products, but there are 3 “Xiao” brand products, which are: jiezhiguan infant Pro cream, quefu cream and Xingpu cream, all of which belong to sanitary disinfection products. However, according to the relevant national regulations, “Xiao” brand products can not replace drugs and can not falsely exaggerate / express or imply therapeutic effects and effects on diseases.

cream can play a role in preventing and relieving eczema, but it is only for mild eczema. Generally speaking, baby face cream is used for moisturizing everyday. Moisturizing can relieve the discomfort caused by drying and help repair skin barrier. It is not necessary to choose products with strong bactericidal and antiseptic effects. < / P > < p > if the baby has serious skin problems, it should be treated under the guidance of a doctor. Drug eczema cream, generally contains hormones, normal use is no problem, but hormone abuse may lead to some side effects. < / P > < p > in the market, some “Xiao” brand products have been illegally added with hormones without labeling. It seems that they have quick effect on baby eczema, but this may lead to the abuse without knowledge, so we should pay special attention to it.

, of which 7 products were added long chain of paraben ester preservatives, 1 added formaldehyde release preservatives, 2 added benzalkonium chloride, 3 added chlorhexidine preservatives, 2 added benzyl alcohol, 23 added flavors, and 6 contained milk protein. < / P > < p > 2. These “attention ingredients” may not necessarily cause skin irritation or harm. The specific impact depends on the actual amount added, and the situation of babies with different constitutions will be different. < / P > < p > 3. If your baby does not feel uncomfortable with these products, you can continue to use them. However, due to the principle of caution, it is recommended to avoid these “attention ingredients” as far as possible for young children, especially those with sensitive skin.

5, baby cream is the main function of moisturizing, can alleviate the discomfort caused by drying, but there is no cure effect. If the baby has more serious skin problems, it should be treated under the guidance of a doctor.

OK, baby cream evaluation is here. Stupid dad will further evaluate the products with good performance in composition analysis. Combined with lab data and performance evaluation, we will give you the final recommendation of baby cream products. Please look forward to it! < / P > < p > if you find the article useful, please forward it more! If you have any questions, please leave a message, stupid dad will answer for you alone. < / P > < p > welcome to “baby assessment”. Seven years of experience in commodity comparative testing, not opportunistic, using scientific and rational stupid methods to provide reliable consumption advice. PARRENT&CHILDREN