67 year old granny gives birth to a daughter: mother and daughter are happy now

Since the opening of the two-child policy, there have been more and more elderly mothers around us. Some children come because their parents have made plans early, while others are unexpected.

but no matter what the reason is, since children are here, we don’t have the right to kill them, but sometimes we have to face the reality which is not optimistic.

I believe everyone should remember a piece of news, because granny Tian naturally conceived and gave birth to a child at the age of 67, which is a miracle to us.

before that, Granny Tian had a son and a daughter, and her life was complete. But when the child came by accident, she still chose to keep the child.

it’s hard for her two children to accept, especially the eldest daughter, who says that if the mother gives birth to the child, then the mother daughter relationship will be cut off.

although they don’t have to worry too much about their economy because of the sufficient retirement salary, the biggest problem they need to face is that they can’t keep up with their energy and physical strength.

fortunately, the eldest daughter is a man with a knife in her mouth and a bean curd in her heart. When her child was more than eight months old, she still couldn’t help going home to see her mother. After that, the relationship between the mother and daughter began to ease.

with the help of her eldest daughter, Granny Tian’s pressure on taking care of her children has also decreased a lot. Now the whole family is very happy. It’s really a happy thing.

grandma Tian is happy and lucky, because the baby was born very healthy and smoothly. But in fact, there are certain risks for elderly mothers to have children, so we must not rashly try.

during pregnancy, we must pay special attention to diet, try to avoid spicy food, and eat more food rich in vitamins and protein.

at the same time, high fat and high calorie food should also be kept away as far as possible, because it is likely to increase their physical burden and lead to too much labor in childbirth.

when dealing with the friction between children, we should also be fair and just, without any emotional color. Try to make a bowl of water as flat as possible, which is the greatest love for children.

parents should not have unfair demands on their children because of their age, such as the older must let the younger, or boys must let girls, girls must let boys and so on.

it is to let children know that they are all equal, so they should learn to share and share with each other. Only in this way can children get along with each other more harmoniously. 08/16/2020