69 years old, Chinese medicine skin white, no long age spots, frankly: less touch three things, you can not long spot

In many cases, whether a person is old or not depends on his skin. If his skin is still white and there is no age spots, even at the age of 70, no one will think that they are old. The 69 year old Aunt Wang is a myth that she is not old in her neighborhood, relatives and friends. Many people want to know Aunt Wang’s maintenance tips. < p > < p > Auntie Wang, who is only a year away from her 70 year old, is an old Chinese medicine doctor who has retired. However, since she worked in the hospital, she has always paid attention to the maintenance of her skin. She always puts herself in a clean and tidy way. The face is always white and clean, and the skin looks like an egg that has just been peeled. Such a maintenance is for decades, until Aunt Wang retired, her skin is still white, and there is no sign of age spots at all. Her skin is in her early 40s. < / P > < p > in fact, at the beginning, many people thought that Aunt Wang had made up, but after getting along with each other for a long time, they found that Aunt Wang didn’t make up much, and she seldom applied maintenance products. When asked about her maintenance secrets, Aunt Wang is often outspoken. She tells others exactly how she does it. It is also very simple to sum up. It is very simple to touch three things less at ordinary times. Sometimes even if chloasma appears, it can make you disappear. The first thing is sunshine. The sun is the source of life, but also the source of vitamin D, we need appropriate contact with the sun, but we can not allow ourselves to be exposed to the sun, we should do a good job in sun protection. Aunt Wang always pays attention to the sun protection work of the skin. There are a lot of ultraviolet rays in the sunlight. These ultraviolet rays are a big killer of the skin. They will not only destroy the collagen tissue of the skin, but also make the skin lose its original elasticity if it is exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, and the aging will be accelerated. If the skin appears aging phenomenon, it is often It’s hard to reverse, so it’s more difficult to restore the young and elastic skin. < / P > < p > therefore, it is necessary to take care of the skin as soon as possible, and sunscreen should also be carried out as soon as possible. The skin has not been affected by ultraviolet rays, and a large amount of melanin has not appeared. Therefore, timely sunscreen should be carried out to avoid dark skin and acne. It’s also worth mentioning that intense ultraviolet rays can damage the skin’s cellular tissue, and in the long run, the risk of skin cancer will be greatly increased. The second is fried food. Aunt Wang’s daily diet is also quite strict, almost do not eat those fried food. Because fried food contains a lot of oil, it is difficult to digest when eating into the stomach. Over time, not only the stomach and intestines are damaged, but also the health of the spleen is difficult to maintain. If the spleen and stomach are weak for a long time, the moisture in the body will be difficult to be discharged in time, and constantly accumulate in the body. Finally, when causing obesity, it will also make the skin aging and long spots Phenomenon. The third is tobacco and wine. Many people know that alcohol and tobacco hurt the liver, lung, stomach, in fact, tobacco and wine also relatively hurt the skin. First of all, alcohol and tobacco harm the liver, an important organ of detoxification. The toxins that can’t be excreted will eventually come to the skin with blood, causing skin damage; and there are toxins that are harmful to the human body. After entering the human body, it is easy to deposit on the skin, and finally accelerate the aging of the skin. Not to mention, it will make the skin look better It’s dark and has a variety of color spots. < / P > < p > to sum up, Aunt Wang’s skin care tips don’t cost any money at all, and the final effect is not worse than those who use maintenance products. The key is to adhere to it. If you can persist like Aunt Wang for decades at a time, you can also have white skin like Aunt Wang without age spots. Home