8 simple yoga poses help your body detoxify and beautifying your face, which is more effective than using a facial mask all day!

Yoga detoxification – try these simple yoga poses to detoxify and clean your body during and after holidays! Incorporate these into your daily work to enhance strength and flexibility and give your skin a shine. < / P > < p > proper yoga practice can help you detoxify physically and mentally. Through daily yoga practice, we can help the body eliminate excess impurities, such as carbon dioxide, lactic acid and lymph, and make blood flow to organs. < / P > < p > start at the position where the limbs are kneeling, tuck your toes down, press them into your hands, and then start lifting your hips up to the ceiling. Open your fingers, middle finger forward, palm shoulder width. Press your hips up and back through the edges of your fingers and hands, extending your chest to your thighs. Raise the tailbone to keep the spine straight and extended. Keep the feet apart with the width of the hips and toes facing forward. Press the high heel into the floor and feel the deep extension at the back of the leg. The legs are straight, but the knees can be bent a little to keep the back flat. Let your head and neck hang freely from your shoulders, or look up at your navel. Breathe and hold 4-8 breaths. Exit: bend your knees and lower your hips to the “kneeling” position, or fully lower into baby pose. < / P > < p > extend your hands and tilt your head inward under your chest. Now stretch your hips and legs out. Raise your left leg up in the downward dog pose as we did above, and take a deep breath. Right leg in the air, repeat breathing. Try five exercises per leg. 3、 Eagle pose < / P > < p > first stand straight, legs together, arms together. Pull your right foot up and press against your left leg. Place the right foot on the left leg above the ankle and bend the knees so that the inside of the right thigh is on the left thigh. Tilt forward, move the right arm over the left arm, and the elbows are interlocked. Put your hands together as if clapping and breathing in. Hold the position until you inhale and exhale. Bring your legs together and resume the standing position. Repeat the position. This time, wrap the left foot around the right leg and roll the left arm to the right arm. 4、 Sitting twist < / P > < p > it is common to equate twisting with detoxification. Any form of compression and gentle movement in the trunk is absolutely conducive to digestion. The more we can help our digestive system get waste and toxins through the gut, the better we’ll be detoxifying. < / P > < p > lie prone on the ground, prone to ensure long spine. Keep your feet together and extend the top of your head. Place your right hand on the mat behind you with your fingertips or flat palms, and when you twist your chest to the right, embrace your knees or hook your elbows to the outside of your right knees. Make sure both gluteus muscles are grounded. Torsion should occur in the upper part of the trunk, not the ischium. Hold this position for at least 5 breaths, lengthen the inhale and deepen the distortion of the exhalation. 5、 Double angle < / P > < p > step apart about one leg wide! The outer edge of the foot should be parallel to the edge of the mat. Place your hands on your hips and stretch your head toward the sky as you inhale. As you exhale, fold forward to keep your back long and strong, or place your hands on your hips, under your shoulders on a mat, or on a yoga brick. Stay here, or start walking backwards, aligning your fingertips with your toes and bending your elbows over your wrist. Relax and release the entire back body while keeping the kneecap raised to stabilize the base. Take five breaths, then put your hands back on your hips and stand up in a long spine position. 6、 Boat style < / P > < p > boat pose can enhance the flexibility of abdomen, hip flexors and spine. It can also stimulate the kidney, thyroid and gut, which helps relieve stress and improve digestion. < / P > < p > sit down with your knees bent and pull your spine back to touch the ground. Once you reach this position, extend your legs outward. Pull your upper body to touch your feet. Keep trying until you reach the boat. Hold the position for 20 seconds, then release the legs. Try 5 times. 7、 Head handstand < / P > < p > head handstand can remove toxins in the circulatory system and lymphatic system. This position usually holds seven or more breaths and focuses on deep breathing to remove carbon dioxide from the lungs. < / P > < p > buckle your fingers from your kneeling position, create a clasp for the top of your head on the floor and place your head in the clasp. Straighten your legs and walk your feet toward your head. As you move your weight away from your legs, bend your knees and begin to move your legs off the floor with your abdomen. Keep your legs straight and in control, from the top of the head to the core and then to the toes. Hold this position, take 7 to 10 deep breaths, slowly bend your knees, and then come down in the same control as you did when you ascended. 8、 Side stretch triangle < / P > < p > this position stretches and opens the chest, lungs, shoulders and spine, increasing vital capacity. The triangular position stimulates the abdominal organs, helps digestion and circulation, releases stress and anxiety, and provides energy for the body and mind. < / P > < p > start with the forward lunge of the right foot. Straighten your front legs, then stick your back feet in and place your heels on the ground. Place your left hand on the floor or yoga block, on the inside of your right foot. Place the right hand on the right hip and encourage the right hip behind you. Extend your head forward and turn your torso to your right leg. Lift the right arm to the ceiling. Continue to take root through the left heel. Choose to turn your eyes to the ceiling. Keep breathing 5-10 times, then release back into the lunge. Repeat on the other side. Information sharing for epilepsy patients