8-year-old boy playing archery, fingers pierced by arrows: don’t cut, I will be scared faint

At noon on October 7, an eight year old boy was shooting his left index finger through while playing archery at the camp of Runyang Forest Park in Guazhou, Yangzhou. His parents rushed him to the Affiliated Hospital of Yangda for treatment.

when the boy was sent to the hospital, a 30 cm long broken arrow still penetrated through the boy’s fingers. The child was frightened and cried loudly during the treatment. With the constant reassurance and encouragement of his family and doctors, the boy cooperated and the broken arrow was finally removed successfully. The doctor then washed the wound and sutured it.

according to the father, the family of four came from Zibo, Shandong Province for a tour and played archery at Tuju camp in Guazhou at noon. Because there were cracks in the arrow itself and the staff did not check it, this was the case. But when the campsite staff arrived at the hospital, they said that maybe the tourists had damaged the arrow, and they would check it every morning. Focus