90 cm “pocket” girl pregnant, regardless of dissuasion to have a baby, the baby no longer grows tall after 3 years of birth

Having children is the right of every adult woman, but for some women who have special physical reasons, it becomes a kind of extravagance. Today we are going to tell the story of such a special “pocket” girl Xiaoling. < / P > < p > Xiaoling hasn’t grown any higher since she was three or four years old. Her height stays at 90cm and her figure is different from that of normal people. As an adult, it’s hard to find a job. Finally, with the help of her family, she opened a small shop. < / P > < p > after being introduced, Xiaoling met her husband and got married. Because of the accident, the man’s right arm was missing, so he was normal in other aspects. His appearance was magnificent and he was very considerate to Xiaoling. Two months after her marriage, Xiao Ling found that she was pregnant. At this time, whether to have a baby or not became a worry for the family. The doctor told them that the child was very likely to suffer from “dwarfism” like her mother, especially for girls. It was suggested that they should not take risks. < / P > < p > but since Xiao Ling knew the existence of the child, the idea of being a mother has been lingering in her mind, thinking that there is still a probability that the child may be normal, so she gave birth to the child regardless of dissuasion. < / P > < p > pregnancy is very painful for Yu Xiaoling’s body, especially in the late pregnancy, the body can not drag too much stomach, especially the spine is much more pressure than normal pregnant women, so she can only lie in bed waiting for delivery. Finally, Xiaoling successfully gave birth to a girl. The baby was just born, and there was no abnormality in her appearance. The family were very happy, but for two or three years After that, the height of the child almost did not increase, the upper body was significantly longer than the lower body, and the fingers were very short, just like the mother. Although the child’s intelligence will not be affected, he is no more than 1.2 meters tall like his mother, and the family is in a complex and painful mood. The child’s condition is impossible to grow up happily like a normal child in the future, and the future is unknown. < / P > < p > Xiaoling thinks that since her child has come to the world, she will still try her best to raise her child. Although her height can’t keep up with her and her appearance is not perfect, it doesn’t prevent her child from becoming an excellent person in the future. < / P > < p > it’s not only female patients with congenital diseases, but also male patients. After all, it’s two people’s business to have a child. The child’s genetic inheritance accounts for half. There is a certain probability that congenital diseases will be inherited from genes to children, such as albinism, hemophilia, lupus erythematosus, familial cardiomyopathy and so on, which will obviously bring inconvenience to children’s life Genetic disease, couples in the decision to have children must be careful to consider, whether or not to risk giving birth to children. < / P > < p > some couples are normal, but if someone in the family has a genetic disease, they may carry recessive genes, so the child may also have a chance to get sick, so they can decide whether to have a child after gene screening. < / P > < p > over 35 years old belongs to the elderly maternal, women after 35 years old, physical function will slowly decline, delivery, uterine contraction force and vaginal extension is relatively poor, these will extend the delivery time, and even cause dystocia or massive hemorrhage, and the probability of fetal malformation is also relatively large, therefore, women after 35 years old should be pregnant in accordance with the doctor’s instructions After the birth of the child, the family should pay more attention to take care of the mother and the child. < / P > < p > generally, after taking X-ray for half a year, the residual radiation can be discharged from the body. It takes at least three months for MRI and CT. Radiation will directly damage the eggs and sperm. If pregnant, it may cause fetal malformation. So in the husband and wife who have done this kind of examination, try to avoid pregnancy. If they are pregnant, they must go to the hospital for detailed examination to exclude fetal malformation. < / P > < p > women with special physical reasons have the right to be mothers, but they must give birth under the guidance of doctors, which is really not suitable. Giving up childbearing is not necessarily responsible for the children and their families. 08/16/2020