90% of the people do these three things every day, but they don’t know that they will bring high blood pressure!

The father-in-law of the editor in chief of Vita dog was also admitted to the hospital because of an accident. He learned that he had high blood pressure, so he began to cherish his life and no longer ate the sea and drink recklessly.

the second is that it can inhibit the absorption of sodium by renal tubules, so that sodium can be discharged through the urine as soon as possible. The blood volume is not so large, and the blood pressure is also reduced.

we may not be able to recover from the two points of aging and heredity, but if we start to develop good living habits from now on, it is possible to keep hypertension out of the door, and people who have already got hypertension can also slow down their illness.

for hypertension, we should not only keep healthy living habits, but also take medicine according to the doctor’s advice. However, the most difficult thing for our parents to do is to take medicine.

buddy this year, make complaints about the thunder and lightning in the circle of parents. Many small partners Tucao: like the old woman’s foot binding cloth, it is smelly and long.