A 10-year-old child was injured in the ongoing conflict in Rakhine state, Myanmar

In recent days, the Burmese government forces and the Rakhine national armed forces are still in continuous conflict. On September 25, local time, a 10-year-old child was shot and injured in anubin village, ladadang town. According to local villagers, government forces began to wipe out members of ruokai ethnic armed forces in five nearby villages on the 23rd. At about 4:00 p.m. on the 25th, government warships strafed along the coast, causing the boy to be shot. At the same time, the campaign has led to more than 2000 villagers in nearby villages fleeing their homes. < / P > < p > due to the continuous conflict, the number of refugees in ladadang, Jiaodao, budidong and mipeng towns in Rakhine state is increasing. According to incomplete statistics novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most serious area in the second round of new crown pneumonia in Burma, with a total of three million refugees over 6% of the population. 08/17/2020