A 15-year-old female student was bullied on campus and tried to commit suicide several times, but was “saved” by a dog

The problem of campus bullying has existed for a long time, and there are many ways of bullying. From language insults to being besieged and beaten, many students who have been bullied leave psychological shadows and even suffer from depression.

a 15-year-old girl in the third grade of junior high school was oppressed and oppressed for a long time after she had an argument with her classmates. Finally, she was diagnosed with depression and tried to commit suicide several times, but was finally “saved” by a dog.

Xiaohui, a 15-year-old girl, was just promoted to the third grade of junior high school last year. When she arrived in the new class, she offended the female students in the same class because of a small disturbance. This female classmate is more popular in the class. She is overbearing and domineering. She has been bullied since then.

the female classmate intentionally sweeps Xiaohui’s stationery to the ground, dumps the garbage into her drawer, and even insults her in public. Xiaohui has been silent and patient. Unexpectedly, the bully gets worse and worse. Finally, Xiaohui can not live in the school, and the school authorities and parents know that Xiaohui has been bullied for a long time.

even though the school has punished the bullying of female students, Xiaohui is finally diagnosed with depression due to long-term negative emotional oppression, and needs long-term follow-up and drug treatment. Results Xiaohui, who took the medicine for a period of time, felt that the drug had no effect on her, so she stopped taking the medicine on her own, which led to the deterioration of her condition and her mood became more and more volatile.

Xiao Hui’s condition worried her family very much. Several times, Xiao Hui showed the idea of suicide, but fortunately, she was stopped in time. Since then, in addition to going to school, her family needs to accompany her every step of the way to encourage Xiaohui to get out of the haze, but with little effect.

Xiao Hui seems to have closed herself up and doesn’t want to speak any more. Sometimes she is in a daze, and sometimes she says something rashly to hurt her family. Until the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the whole school closed, this period of time to let Xiaohui breathe, finally do not have to go to school every day to face the advice of others.

this day, Xiaohui saw a post on the Internet about the adoption of a dog. Just looking at the picture of the dog, Xiaohui had already loved the dog and decided to adopt it. After communicating with her family, her family also supported Xiaohui’s practice. Xiaohui will adopt this only one month old dog, named “sun”. Sunshine represents hope and light. I believe that in Xiaohui’s heart, she always wants to get out of the haze and face the light!

with the company of the sun, Xiaohui has a new partner to talk to, and finds an outlet for her negative emotions. As a result, Xiaohui’s character is becoming more and more cheerful, and her mood has changed a lot. She is no longer anxious. The sun as her dawn, for her to bring a bright light, save her from the abyss of depression.

in just a few months, Xiaohui put down the hurt she had suffered, and no longer bothered by it. She posted a post to share this mental journey. She especially appreciated the appearance of the sun and encouraged other fellow travelers to get out of the shadow as soon as possible. Xiaohui was even more grateful to the female classmate who bullied her: “because she led me through the trial, I have today’s stronger me” And the story of the sun also moved many people, netizens have left messages to her to encourage her.

in fact, both dogs and cats have unique healing skills. I remember that I was in a low mood for a period of time, and then decided to have a cat. Although the cat was arrogant at that time, it seldom took the initiative to approach me.

but wherever I go, it will follow me. I will sit quietly on the bay window in a daze, and it will also sit quietly beside me, so it will always accompany me. So sometimes silent company is better than a thousand words, please give more company to the relatives suffering from depression, and finally help them out of difficulties!