A 16-year-old boy who had been ill for a long time in Shanghai left her mother and cried bitterly on her way to the hospital

Xiao Qi, 16, unfortunately suffered from hypokalemia and left her mother Wang Li on the way to Shanghai for medical treatment. Wang Li worried that Xiaoqi couldn’t think of it, so she asked the police for help in Shanghai South Railway Station. < p > < p > finally, with the help of the police of the South Railway Station, Xiao Qi arrived in Shanghai by other trains, and her mother and son were reunited. Finally, Xiaoqi and her mother carried out gene testing in Shanghai Ruijin Hospital. Xiao Qi told the surging news reporter that he would cooperate to receive treatment next. According to Wang Li, on October 4, she took her son on train d3292 to Shanghai for medical treatment. Unexpectedly, she took a nap and her son was no longer in her seat. After calling her son, Wang Li knew that he had got off at Jiashan South Station in advance. < / P > < p > “at first, I thought he had gone to the bathroom, but I didn’t see anyone for a long time. I called my son and found out that he got off at Jiashan South Station in advance.” Wang Qi said that she didn’t want to call Xiaoli. < / P > < p > “Xiao Qi doesn’t communicate with us very much at home, and the long-term treatment makes the children feel” uncomfortable. ” Wang Li said that she was very anxious at that time and asked the train staff for help, but she could not find Xiaoqi in the train compartment or Jiashan south station. After the train arrived at Shanghai South Railway Station, Wang Lili ran to the police station of the South Railway Station, crying and asking the police to help him find the lost child. She told the police that she thought Xiaoqi didn’t want to spend the money at home to cure the disease, so she decided to get off the car ahead of time. < p > < p > according to the Shanghai railway police, after contacting Xiaoqi, the police described to Xiaoqi the pain of his mother after losing him, and told him that his mother did not give up the treatment of his disease, and hoped that he could inspire his spirit and face up to the disease. < p > < p > on October 12, the surging news reporter contacted Xiaoqi and asked about the reason for getting off the bus. Xiaoqi hesitated to tell the reporter: “I wanted to go out for air and go to the toilet.” However, Xiaoqi, who got off the train halfway, found that after the train left, she did not ask the station staff for help, but went straight out of the station. Xiaoqi said it was raining at that time and he stayed in the park near the station for more than an hour. < / P > < p > “Xiaoqi has a stubborn temper and is ill again. She is not at ease in her heart.” Wang Li told reporters that three years ago, Xiaoqi had hypokalemia. For three years, in order to cure Xiaoqi’s illness, his family went to many hospitals in many cities, and spent all their efforts, but Xiaoqi’s illness did not improve. Xiaoqi said that when he got sick, he was numb and weak, and his body could not move independently, so he could only lie in bed. Time and again, suffering from illness, let Xiaoqi deeply lost. < / P > < p > “I really don’t want to burden my family,” Xiaoqi told reporters. His family worked in Wenzhou, and he had already dropped out of school and now works on the assembly line of a shoe factory in Wenzhou. The family’s economic situation is not good, in the past three years, I spent a lot of money to see a doctor. In addition to the fact that my brother got married this year, my parents are under great financial pressure. Wang Li said that in recent years, she had three operations, the most serious one was hysterectomy. Her mother and mother-in-law were not in good health, and her family was in debt for more than 100000 yuan. < p > < p > on the day after the reunion of Shanghai South Railway Station, Xiaoqi followed her mother to Shanghai Ruijin Hospital for genetic testing. The test results did not come out until two months later, which made it convenient for the mother and son to return to Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province on the same day. Xiaoqi told reporters that next, he will cooperate with the treatment. Focus