A 17-year-old marries a 13-year-old girl? Official: order to return to the original family

On November 28, news that a 17-year-old boy married a 13-year-old girl in Chaoyang District, Shantou, Guangdong Province, attracted netizens’ attention. According to a notice from the government of Guiyu Town, Chaoyang District, it was found that Lu, from Fengxin village, Guiyu Town, fell in love with a neighboring village more than a year ago. Due to their parents’ weak sense of legal system, they held a wedding ceremony on November 26 this year in accordance with rural customs, but they did not apply for marriage registration with the Ministry of civil affairs. On November 29, Lu Mou, a cadre of Fengxin village where Lu is located, told reporters that there were similar incidents in the past, but now most of them complete the marriage process according to the legal age stipulated by the state. In view of this incident, the village will strengthen the legal education on marriage regulations. On November 28, a video about “a 17-year-old marrying a 13-year-old girl” was circulated online. The video shows a pair of men and women in red clothes sitting at a table eating together. A wedding candle is burning on the table, and the appearance of both men and women in the picture is childish. According to informed netizens, the video took place in a village in Shantou City, Guangdong Province, and confirmed by the village cadres that it was true. Shortly after, the government of Guiyu town in Chaoyang District issued a related notice, saying that the men and women in the video were Lu Mou, a 17-year-old dropout, and Zhuang, a 13-year-old girl who was suspended from school. The couple fell in love freely a year ago. Due to their parents’ weak sense of legal system, they held a wedding ceremony on November 26 this year in accordance with rural customs. However, they did not apply for marriage registration with the civil affairs department. According to a local volunteer, the “marriage” of Lu and Zhuang is not an exception. “In the past, when there was no strict control in this regard, many children started dating and getting married at the age of thirteen or four. As long as the two families thought it appropriate, they would hold a banquet as marriage.” The volunteer told reporters that a large proportion of these people choose to have a banquet because of accidental pregnancy, and then wait until their age meets the requirements to register. “Now the management is strict, and with more understanding of this aspect, this kind of situation is rare.” It is understood that at present, the relevant departments of the people’s Government of Guiyu Town, Chaoyang District, have conducted legal education for the parents of Lu and Zhuang, and ordered them to return their wives to their original families, and their parents should perform the duty of guardianship. At the same time, it will further carry out psychological counseling, education and guidance to both parties to establish a correct marriage concept, and to persuade them to return to school. According to China’s regulations, the legal age of marriage is 22 for men and 20 for women. However, in the above-mentioned incident, Lu and Zhuang were both under the legal age of marriage, but they were married with the consent of their parents. Then, whether they are involved in legal responsibilities, and whether their guardians need to bear corresponding legal responsibilities? Song Hongyu, a lawyer from taihetai law firm, said that according to the content reported by local authorities, the incident did not involve the legal responsibilities of both men and women. “In terms of civil affairs, it mainly depends on whether they can form a marriage relationship. The boy and the girl in this case are unable to register their marriage because they do not meet the legal marriage age requirements of the marriage law of China, and do not constitute a marriage relationship. ” Song Hongyu, a lawyer, said that in terms of criminal matters, no criminal acts were found. Zhao Jianjian, a lawyer from Beijing Zhongming law firm, told reporters that according to Article 15, parents or other guardians shall not allow or force minors to marry and shall not enter into marriage contracts for minors. In this incident, both Lu and Zhuang were minors, and their parents did not fulfill their duty of guardianship, so they should bear the responsibility of guardianship according to the provisions of Article 62. “If parents or other guardians fail to perform their duties of guardianship according to law, or infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of minors, their units, residents’ committees and villagers’ committees shall admonish and stop them; If the act constitutes a violation of the administration of public security, the public security organ shall give administrative punishment according to law. ” The girl concerned has been asked to return to her family after the uproar caused by the incident. However, it is still a question mark whether her parents can actively perform the duty of guardianship. If the parents of girls can’t realize the importance of education, if the girls’ right to education is not guaranteed enough, it’s hard to put an end to this phenomenon. Compared with doing nothing at home, getting married early may be the “business” in the eyes of some parents. The so-called “rural customs” are obviously not limited to one family, or even to a certain time and place. It is reported that a few years ago, Jinping County in Yunnan Province has attracted much attention due to the widespread phenomenon of early marriage. There, the age of women giving birth to children is generally 14-5 years old, and some families are 12-year-old in love and 13-year-old in some families. < p > < p > in rural areas, early marriage and school dropout always go hand in hand. Although not every child who drops out of school is bound to marry early, every early marriage phenomenon must be accompanied by dropout. Especially for rural girls, if parents can’t change the idea that studying and going to school is “waste”, getting married early and having children may become their unavoidable “destiny”. When the concept of legal system in some places in front of the rural customs, not only the legitimate rights and interests of children can not be guaranteed, but also their fate has been set. According to the official notice, Guiyu town government will carry out further investigation with civil affairs, education, public security and other departments, and relevant work is in progress. This incident is not only a legal issue, but also an educational and social issue. It is undoubtedly more important to change the so-called “rural customs” in addition to correcting parents’ ideas. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the guarantee of compulsory education to prevent a school-age child from dropping out of school at home. After all, compared with dropping out of school to get married, children who have nothing to do or even cause trouble after dropping out of school are more worrying. Pets