A 3-year-old girl was fed to 70 kg for eating and sowing? Lawyer: if forced feeding or abuse is involved

Recently, Paiqi, a 3-year-old girl, has attracted social attention. Her parents said in a video posted on a video website that the 3-year-old girl weighed 70 Jin. Some netizens questioned that Peiqi’s parents, for the sake of circle flow and eye-catching, regardless of their children’s health, let their children be “food sows”, feeding their children into obese children. What are the health risks of overweight children? How to correct parents’ uncontrolled and unhealthy feeding patterns? On August 24, surging news interviewed pediatricians and lawyers. Yang Li, director of Endocrinology, genetics and metabolism Department of Jiangxi Children’s Hospital, told the surging news that obesity in girls is likely to cause diseases such as precocious puberty and early bone age. She said that if not intervened, one third of obese children will still be obese in adolescence, and there will be potential threats such as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and infertility. Zhao Liangshan, senior partner and lawyer of Shaanxi Hengda law firm, said that if parents allow their children to eat unhealthy junk food in a morbid way, resulting in damage to children’s health, it should be regarded as an irresponsible behavior, failing to fulfill the responsibility of guardianship. It is suggested that the neighborhood committee or village Committee and the police station in the jurisdiction can intervene to teach the children’s families Education, etc. If the parents force their children to eat in order to gain network attention and profit, for example, if the circumstances are serious, the parents may be suspected of abusing the guardians and the caregivers. At the same time, Zhao Liangshan stressed that if Peiqi’s obesity in the video is pathological obesity and has nothing to do with his guardian’s forced eating, then the guardian does not need to bear legal responsibility. < p > < p > according to Red Star News, the video about Peggy was mainly released on watermelon video platform. On August 24, the platform responded that it had “blocked” relevant accounts and videos. According to the news report knews on August 24, “xiaowanghong” Peiqi has attracted attention due to her appetite for food. Many netizens commented that “she has an appetite to eat”, and some parents also expressed their admiration for her eating. A year ago, Peggy was just a little chubby. But one year later, in May 2020, the three-year-old Puqi weighed 50 Jin; two months later, she gained another 20 jin. At the same time, Peggy’s videos were published on the Internet with labels such as “eating amazing” and “eating in seconds”. Most of her meals were high calorie foods such as hamburgers, fried chicken, cola and instant noodles. This caused the concern of netizens. < / P > < p > the video screenshots and videos forwarded by the media show that Peggy randomly delivers high calorie foods such as hamburgers and fried chicken to her mouth, and her legs are likely to be deformed and she walks unsteadily. According to Yang Li, director of Endocrinology, genetics and metabolism Department of Jiangxi Children’s Hospital, compared with adult obesity, childhood obesity is more harmful to the body. Childhood obesity can not only lead to fat cell hypertrophy, but also increase the number of fat cells, increasing the difficulty of weight loss. According to Yang Li, obesity in children is likely to cause complications such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes, and respiratory dysfunction, while obesity in girls is likely to cause precocious puberty and early bone age. If not intervened, one third of obese children will still be obese at puberty, with potential threats such as arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and infertility. < / P > < p > it is not clear whether there are other reasons for Peggy’s obesity. According to the video, Peiqi gained 20 jin in two months, Yang Li said that it may be caused by eating too much. At this time, parents should be alert to check whether the child is pathological obesity. Yang Li suggested that parents should help their children develop a healthy lifestyle. They should eat light food and strengthen exercise. Try not to eat drinks, chicken and duck skin, fat and other high calorie food. If children are found to be obese, they need to go to a regular hospital. < p > < p > Peggy’s weight status continues to attract attention. Some netizens questioned that Peiqi’s parents ignored their children’s health; others believed that Peiqi’s parents were making money from their children and reported to the video platform. According to the Red Star News Report on August 24, watermelon video responded that due to the high density of complaints, the relevant accounts and videos had been blocked. According to the report, < / P > < p > previously, it was found that page’s videos were mainly released on watermelon video platform. Peggy’s first video was released on October 19, 2018, and her body is relatively symmetrical; by August 2019, her weight has reached 50 Jin, and her body has become significantly fatter. In the video a month ago, the title would contain words such as “overweight” and “edible”: “the father of a fat three-year-old girl takes him to dinner. He drinks a bottle of drink, half a chicken and a bowl of powder. It’s very good.”. According to the report, many netizens have paid attention to the changes in Peggy in the video, and have suggested to her parents that they should do tests and pay attention to their diet balance. However, Paiqi’s parents turn a blind eye to the relevant suggestions and continue to let their children eat barbecue, kebab and sausage. Even though Peggy once begged “don’t do it, don’t do it” in the middle of her diet, her parents still agreed to fill her empty plate. 08/16/2020