A 30-year-old pregnant woman sneezes and the child is gone. Why is it so evil? The reason was unexpected

Sneezing is a normal thing in life. Sometimes people sneeze easily because of cold, rhinitis, and sudden smell of irritating gas. But can you associate sneezing with miscarriage? Yes, some people encounter such a strange thing, sneeze, the child is gone.

I met a woman who, after giving birth to a daughter successfully, wanted to have a second child. I didn’t expect that the road of having a second child was so difficult. After three pregnancies, the woman succeeded in the end, but in the middle of the pregnancy, she miscarried without warning.

the most exaggerated one was that she got pregnant when she was 30 years old. She just sneezed, and there was bleeding below. Then, according to the doctor’s diagnosis, the fetus stopped. Why can appear such a thing, too evil, ordinary people estimate to think about all feel inconceivable. Therefore, the woman went to the hospital to do a series of tests, was diagnosed as “cervical incompetence.”.

cervical incompetence sounds profound, but it is not difficult to explain it. We should all know that after a woman is pregnant, the fetus will grow day by day, and the uterus will continue to grow in order to adapt to the growth of the fetus. However, in the whole process, no matter how large the uterus is, the cervix should be kept closed before the woman’s childbirth day, so that the fetus can grow normally in the uterus.

and “cervical incompetence” is the cervix that should have been tightly tied up like a “pocket” until the fetus is full-term. But now the “door” is loose, and the child leaks out when he encounters various pressures. It can be said that “cervical incompetence”, that is, the cervix of a woman, can not give the fetus a safe environment for growth and development, and the fetus is easy to encounter danger, which seriously affects the protection of the fetus.

now we all know that a woman with cervical incompetence is because her cervix is not tight, and a sneezing child is gone. It is easy to think of, is not the life of children’s women, the uterus is too big, easy to suffer from “cervical dysfunction.”. However, the fact is not the case, “cervical incompetence” and whether women have had children, pregnant, and has no relationship. But it is related to the reason:

congenital “cervical incompetence” is well understood: that is, when the cervix is congenital development, the structure is abnormal, such as the cervix is too short or the shape is different. Cervical collagen fiber deficiency and imbalance. May not be prepared for pregnancy, childbirth of women’s congenital “cervical function” has no chance to show. But as long as a woman miscarries, she will find out.

the secondary “cervical incompetence” is basically due to emergency delivery or forceps midwifery and other factors, resulting in serious cervical laceration. Therefore, if it is repeated abortion or accept the expansion of women, it is very easy to cause cervical relaxation.

therefore, if women have unexplained miscarriage, we should be alert to congenital “cervical incompetence”; if women have not given birth or have given birth, we should try to avoid damage to the cervix. Otherwise, once suffering from “cervical incompetence”, pregnancy, pregnancy, more difficult.

today’s women have become open-minded. They live with the opposite sex before marriage, have unexpected pregnancy, or do not want children temporarily after marriage. If before did not protect good health, later found that he suffered from “cervical incompetence” how to do? Don’t worry, “cervical incompetence”, there are ways to treat.

in recent years, there has been a new breakthrough in the treatment of “cervical incompetence”, which is called “laparoscopic cervical loop ligation”. This treatment is applicable to both pre pregnancy and post pregnancy women. Of course, pregnant women can ligate the cervix of the space become more narrow, not easy to operate, very test the level of doctors. It is suggested that women who want to prepare for pregnancy should have a physical examination first, check the length and width of the cervix, so as to avoid finding the disease during pregnancy. At that time, they should also think about the treatment of the disease, and their own suffering, and the fetus may also be at risk. However, after pregnancy, you don’t have to worry about finding yourself suffering from “cervical incompetence”. Pregnant women have received this treatment and achieved good results.

in fact, in my opinion, “cervical incompetence” has a great impact on women’s childbirth. However, as long as women take care of their bodies at ordinary times and actively cooperate with doctors for treatment after detection of the disease, they can also be cured with the current medical technology, and will not affect the birth of children. The key is that women themselves should not be afraid of diseases and be aware of diseases , also do not go to the treatment, that can only delay to have children, let the body suffer more damage. 08/17/2020