A 34 year old man left late at night because of cerebral vascular blockage, his body appeared “1 hard 1 soft”, which can not be ignored

Mr. Liu is 34 years old. He is our neighbor. Recently, he always feels weak. He thinks that his work intensity is too strong recently, so he didn’t pay attention to it.

one day after dinner, Mr. Liu lit a cigarette as usual. As soon as I took two puffs, I felt my tongue was stiff and dizzy. I fainted in the dark. The family immediately called 120 and the ambulance took him to the hospital.

after emergency treatment and examination, it turned out that Mr. Liu’s blood pressure reached 180mmhg. According to the results of magnetic resonance imaging, most of the blood vessels in the brain were blocked, and one main blood vessel was blocked “severely”. After several hours of rescue, Mr. Liu’s life was still not saved. He left late at night because of cerebral vascular blockage.

according to Mr. Liu’s wife, Mr. Liu, 34, has a history of hypertension and often smokes. Most of the time, he smokes after supper. The so-called “a cigarette after dinner is like a fairy”. His family has been persuading and arguing for this for many times. Mr. Liu still goes his own way. The doctor sighed: This is the “root cause” of his final departure.

it turns out that smoking after dinner is more than ten times more harmful to the body than daily smoking. Nicotine stimulates the nervous system, causing abnormal vasoconstriction. When the blood vessels are tense, the blood rises randomly, and the cell wall of blood vessels is opened. It is very easy to cause split and cause cerebral blood vessels to be blocked.

after a meal, the intestines and stomach are active, and a large amount of blood is needed for food digestion. The brain is in a state of hypoxia at this time. Smoking at this time is very easy to cause damage to cerebral blood vessels. So how do we know if our blood vessels are healthy?

in the early stage of cerebral vascular occlusion, there are problems and stiffness in cerebral blood vessels, resulting in poor blood circulation, nerve disorders, tongue root disorders, tongue stiffness, and no smooth language communication. At the same time, often accompanied by dizziness and weakness, decreased immunity, poor memory and other symptoms. It’s mostly because the blood vessels are blocked.

one side of the body feels numb, sour and soft, which is one of the symptoms of most patients with cerebral vascular blockage in the early stage. When the blood in the brain is blocked, the blood supply of the central nervous system is insufficient, and it is difficult for blood to spread throughout all parts and terminals of the body, thus affecting the nerve reaction and muscle function of one side of the body. The body is sour and soft, often accompanied by blurred vision, objects appear black shadow and other eye problems.

it is extremely dry in summer, so you should add more water than usual. When you supplement water daily, you can put some small Chinese herbal medicines to promote blood vessel health in the water cup. These beneficial elements can reach all parts of the body through water, dredge the blood vessels of the whole body, and long-term drinking can clean up the toxic garbage accumulated in blood vessels and effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

high fat is commonly found in fat meat, nuts and fried food, which contains a large amount of fat and cholesterol. When fat particles and triglycerides adhere to the blood vessel wall, they accelerate the aging of blood vessels, affect blood circulation, and cause cerebral blood vessels to be blocked.

eating more coarse grains and green leafy vegetables, high fiber is helpful for vascular maintenance, removing obstacles in blood vessels and softening the surface of blood vessels. Promote blood circulation.