A 34 year old man with uric acid as high as 920 and renal failure, the doctor shook his head: a kind of home cooked food is the root of the disaster

In the emergency Hall of the hospital, a woman in pajamas was crying, “doctor, please help my husband, I can’t do without him…”

the doctor immediately examined the man and found that the uric acid value of the man was very high, reaching 920 μ mol / L. moreover, the creatinine and urea nitrogen increased significantly, and the renal function began to decline.

but the doctor told him that he should drink more water and eat less high purine food, otherwise his condition would worsen and even induce gouty nephropathy.

However, after understanding the situation, the wife thinks that the kidney must be better when she is young. Especially for men, if the kidney is not good, then the whole person will be abandoned.

after that, his wife began to make some kidney tonic Soup for Mr. Zhou. In particular, I heard that he would give Mr. Zhou some tonic soup, such as pig’s waist and sheep’s waist.

some time ago, Mr. Zhou felt weak all over, and his waist felt bloated and painful. He also had abnormal urination. He wanted to go to the hospital for examination when he had a rest.

However, animal kidneys contain a large amount of purine, which can lead to the increase of purine and the change of uric acid, thus increasing the risk of gout.

in addition, the excretion of uric acid needs to pass through the kidney. If you say “where to eat, where to supplement”, it will not only fail to supplement, but also cause damage to the kidney, leading to renal failure.

However, for patients with high uric acid, remember not to eat more, because mushrooms also contain a lot of high purine, and during the cooking process, purine in mushrooms will enter the soup.

that is to say, the purine content in the soup is more than that in the mushroom. In addition, some seasonings will be added to freshen the soup. Such as: oyster sauce, concentrated chicken juice, etc.

for patients with high uric acid, alcohol should not be drunk, because alcohol will lead to the increase of lactic acid in the body, and lactic acid will inhibit the metabolism of uric acid in the body.

Chrysanthemum morifolium contains inulin, flavonoids and other substances that can inhibit purine synthesis; it contains choline, alkali, stachydrine, berberine and other basic ions.

these elements can inhibit the formation of uric acid, reduce the precipitation of urate, and promote its dissolution, so as to reduce uric acid and protect the kidney.

the excretion of uric acid needs to be discharged from the body through the kidney. For people who hold urine frequently, it will promote uric acid accumulation in the body, and when it reaches a certain concentration, it will precipitate crystals.

once uric acid crystals deposit in the kidney, renal tubules, renal pelvis and other functional disorders appear in the kidney, which will lead to renal failure or even uremia.

However, if you use more brain power and less physical strength, you will be in a long-term sedentary state. However, long-term sedentary will reduce the body’s metabolic cycle, which is not conducive to the excretion of uric acid in the body.

it is suggested that doing more exercise at ordinary times can alleviate the production of uric acid crystals in the body. In addition, it should be noted that during the acute attack of gout, the exercise intensity should not be too high.