A 67 year old woman became pregnant naturally and gave birth to a daughter. Now the child is one year old

In the late autumn of Zaozhuang, Shandong Province, the leaves turning red are as bright as clouds. The 69 year old Huang Weiping held his daughter in his lap, upright and straightforward, and asked with a smile: “how about it? Isn’t it good to have such a smart and lovely daughter at my age? ” < / P > < p > I’m 1 year old. She was wrapped in a light yellow cotton padded jacket, showing only a small pink face and a pair of white hands, with two big black eyes, like a lovely little jelly. < / P > < p > she may be the youngest in the online celebrity world. Last year, her birth was seen as a miracle. Her mother was 67 years old, and she was born by caesarean section. Her father was 68 years old. Huang Weiping and Tian xinju in Zaozhuang, Shandong Province almost forget the simple old-age life of getting up in the morning, exercising, walking in the evening and walking the dog. Their lives are filled with lovely little gifts. < p > < p > at 6 a.m., God wakes up. Huang Weiping coaxes her daughter and gets up to buy food for the two wives and make breakfast. Tian xinju holds her daughter and feeds her breast milk. Huang Weiping bought back fresh beef, mixed jujube, chestnut, beef, yam, etc., and put it into the cooking machine to break it. This cooking machine is worth more than 2000 yuan. It was specially bought for the gift of God. The powdered food, together with eggs, was steamed in a pot. He ground the extra meat into stuffing, and then rolled wonton skin. The hot air in the kitchen is steaming. After a while, breakfast is ready. He also gave his wife good milk, the wife every day three meals of milk, in order to give God guaranteed breast milk, “take milk powder for breast milk.”. Huang Weiping had no time to eat, so he put on his coat and went out to cook the vegetable field. For many years, he has been growing and eating his own vegetables for fear of pesticide residues. This is the new urban area of Zaozhuang. There are many open spaces nearby. After living here, he cultivated two pieces of land, planting eggplant, pumpkin, leek, cucumber, Shanghai green, pepper and coriander. At his level, vegetables should grow vigorously, but with the gift of God, fertilization and watering can’t keep up, and some vegetables only show up. At home, Tian xinju was fed with the gift of heaven. She put on a small cotton padded jacket and took her to the living room to play. Xiao Tianci likes to climb around and look for new things to see. Sometimes, he will stand up with the help of the tea table. He will wrestle if he is not careful. After listening to the teacher’s advice, they bought Tianci a “magic weapon against falling back” on the Internet. Therefore, Tianci always carries a small bee on its back. The head of the bee is a ring made of sponge, standing at the back of his head. Because they don’t know how to buy them online, they still pay their teachers to buy them. Huang Weiping is enthusiastic and optimistic. He likes to send wechat greetings to his friends in the morning, and his circle of friends often says “a new day begins!” Now, his new day begins like this, all the time, until 9 p.m. after his daughter sleeps soundly, as a lawyer, he has to turn on his computer, read case materials, or write a trial report. Sometimes I feel very sleepy in the middle of writing, so I sleep and get up the next morning to write. < / P > < p > in 2018, Tian xinju had a cerebral infarction, and used some drugs to promote blood circulation and remove stasis during the treatment. “I used the medicine in the morning, and I had a period in the evening.” since then, she has come for months. Tian xinju was afraid of physical problems and went to the hospital for examination. Last January, when she went for an examination, the doctor said that she was pregnant. She didn’t believe it. She thought the doctor was lying to her and didn’t pay attention to it. More than two months later, when she went to the examination again, the doctor told her again that she was indeed pregnant and had been 4 months. < / P > < p > “there is no pregnancy reaction. If there is any reaction, I would have known that I would not take it.” Tian xinju said, but it’s too late, B ultrasound showed that the fetal leg bones are very long, can not abortion, can only induce labor. Before she retired, she was a doctor in the Department of child protection of Zaozhuang maternal and child health care hospital. She saw the process of induced labor with her own eyes. That scene was deeply branded in her mind and could never be forgotten in her life. < / P > < p > the couple decided to have a check-up first. If the fetus has problems in development, they will be induced into labor, so that they can feel at ease; if they are healthy, they will be born. In Zaozhuang, Shandong, where the social atmosphere is not very open, it is not easy to make such a decision. Zaozhuang is not big. I know you all around. Huang Weiping and Tian xinju are shocked. They are extremely strong and healthy babies. They come to the world with the expectation of happiness. So, despite the opposition of the MCH, the two decided to have a baby. This means not only the pressure of family and public opinion, but also the risk of life. Tian xinju is the oldest natural pregnant person in China, and the risk of complications and complications in elderly pregnancy is significantly increased. Zaozhuang maternal and child health care hospital is on the alert, organizing the strongest team to prepare for Ms. Tian’s pregnancy, and even asking for the support of Provincial Maternal and child health hospital. More than a dozen doctors have set up a wechat security group, and Tian xinju’s body “as long as there is wind and grass” will be reported in the group. Fortunately, Tian xinju’s life was as usual during the whole pregnancy. In addition to eating more watermelon in summer, Tian xinju suffered from mild gestational diabetes. Even a little high blood pressure is normal, Huang Weiping sighed, this is the magic of life, is the mother’s natural reaction to protect the fetus. Ever since he knew he was pregnant, Huang Weiping often gave birth education to his children and took a walk with his wife every day. At that time, there was a pet dog running on the front and back of his feet, so he had to give up the dog. No one can see that Tian xinju is pregnant. No matter whether she is a friend or a neighbor, or even her son and her 15-year-old granddaughter who lives with the old couple, they all think she is old and fat, and her son reminds her to lose weight. The couple didn’t tell anyone about the news, including their son. Huang Weiping said, “this is our business. Why ask him for his consent?” Tian xinju and her daughter intimate, the first time told her daughter, but caused her great reaction, “resolutely opposed, if born, cut off the relationship.” But it didn’t shake their minds. The economic conditions of the two men are quite good among the working class in Zaozhuang. The total amount of pension is more than 10000 yuan. Tian xinju reemploys for 10 years after retirement, and he has just retired in the first two years, while Huang Weiping has been working all the time. < p > < p > at 36 weeks of pregnancy, the hospital recommended early cesarean section in consideration of Tian xinju’s age and body. On the morning of October 25, 2019, a baby girl weighing 2560g was born successfully. Huang Weiping named her “Tianci”. < / P > < p > miraculous things are destined to be known. The news of the birth of God immediately spread all over the Internet, and the son also learned from the Internet that he had added a sister. Their attitude of respecting life, loving life and being brave in taking responsibility has been affirmed by many people. Some netizens commented: “it’s good. Who says that when people get old, they can only sing” the most beautiful but sunset “in the nursing home?” Many people said: “we all think it’s a good thing. It’s enviable. It shows that the elderly are in good health and happy life. How good it is!” < / P > < p > the media that came to interview almost broke through the door of the hospital. There were also people from all over the country who came to bless us. Some netizens sent children’s clothing and supplies; some enterprises sent diapers, milk powder, multi-functional baby carriages, intelligent electric rocking chairs for infants, and consolation articles A warm-hearted person in Xicheng District of Beijing sent a Beijing time-honored “daoxiangcun” snack. He was deeply sorry that he could not see his husband, wife and children in the hospital. After returning, he specially sent a postcard saying, “you have created a miracle. I wish you health and safety! I wish you all the best Huang Weiping sent them to his circle of friends to express his thanks. There are also many relatives and friends who send red envelopes through wechat. Huang Weiping thanks them one by one and doesn’t accept them. Some go to the door to send their blessings, and he just reluctantly accept them. < p > < p > there are also a lot of people who come to ask for a “good prescription”. Tian xinju says that pregnancy is purely accidental. If you have to ask the truth, it may be related to their health care. They only drink the spring water from Fenghuang mountain of Zaozhuang, go to play regularly, and never eat chicken powder, monosodium glutamate and other condiments. In addition, from the medical point of view, the elderly pregnancy risk is really big, should not be followed. < / P > < p > they were also reminded that they had not considered the issue of superbirth. However, a number of population experts said that considering that both Huang and his wife are over 60 years old and protected, they should not be fined. After all, it is difficult for people to understand the birth of a 67 year old child. The wave of blessing is also mixed with negative comments from people who don’t know the truth. Huang Weiping never cares, but Tian xinju is so angry that she almost suffers from depression. “I didn’t dare to look at the mobile phone in those days. Opening the mobile phone is our message. I can’t even read it.” She said that if she didn’t leave the hospital, she would like to jump. < p > < p > under the guidance of her husband and the innocent smile of her daughter, Tian xinju also slowly wants to open her mind. The best news is that Tian xinju’s eldest daughter has finally come to see her sister. The younger sister smiles sweetly at her sister and melts her sister’s heart knot. Now my sister buys clothes and toys for her sister and often comes to amuse her. < p > < p > the gift of heaven brings infinite fun to the old couple. In the past, sometimes they quarreled, but after the gift, there was no time to quarrel. Huang Weiping taught her to call her “Dad” for 130 days. Tianci looked at her father’s mouth carefully and tried to express the pronunciation of “Dad”, which made Huang Weiping very happy. < / P > < p > the newly added daughter makes Huang Weiping seem to have super kinetic energy, especially when Tian xinju often holds the baby and her knee starts to ache, everything depends on Huang Weiping. Huang Weiping often left his wife and daughter at home just after the full moon, but later found out that Tian xinju often couldn’t even eat rice. Sometimes he cooked a large pot of noodles before leaving in the morning, and she ate noodles three times a day to satisfy her hunger. “If it goes on like this, the milk will soon be insufficient.” Tian xinju is in a hurry. So Huang Weiping came back to make lunch at noon. But the new city and the old city are dozens of kilometers apart. It takes 50 minutes to drive one-way. During this time, Huang Weiping really felt tired. The law firm took care of him and set aside a room for him. Huang Weiping turned it into a warm nest. From then on, wherever he went, he took them with him. When a client wants to go to the old city, he will pack up early in the morning and take his wife and daughter to the old city for a few days. When the court session is due, he will pack it back to the new city where the court is located. He and his wife’s biggest wish now is to buy a RV, take home with them, and go anywhere convenient. In the office, he works outside and receives customers. Tian xinju takes her daughter to play inside. However, sometimes God does not sleep, she has to hold her daughter out to harass, because usually God wants to eat her mother’s milk, little feet step on her father’s belly, in order to sleep safely. On this day, Huang Weiping took his wife and the gift of heaven to take a bath and teach in the old city. It was a little late to go out. Huang Weiping drove the car to 110 km / h. When he arrived at a baby goods store in the old city, Huang Weiping held her daughter and ran to the second floor. With the help of the service staff, he undressed his daughter and sat with her in the bathtub. Little Tianci just woke up