A 90 year old academician of oncology, who has been treating cancer for 60 years, says frankly that it is self destructing to send three kinds of food to the mouth less

Academician Tang, born in 1930, is now 90 years old. It has been 60 years since cancer research began in 1960. Although he was not young himself, he was still in good spirits. In the interview, he said that because of the differences in living habits and eating habits, cancer can not be completely eliminated, only as far as possible to prevent cancer. The first is alcohol. China has a long history of wine culture, in ancient times, every banquet, there must be wine, and now is no exception. But it is such a long-standing culture that has been confirmed by who that alcohol is a primary carcinogen. In fact, alcohol itself is not toxic and can kill bacteria. However, when alcohol enters the human body, it will be converted into acetaldehyde due to the metabolism of the liver. This substance is toxic. < / P > < p > will not only damage liver cells, but also may cause toxin accumulation and form continuous damage in the liver. No matter how many degrees of alcohol, there will be alcohol, that is, ethanol. As long as you drink alcohol, it is bound to metabolize acetaldehyde in the body and damage the liver. If you don’t want alcohol to hurt your liver, don’t drink it. < / P > < p > the second point is the appearance of moldy food. Whether it is fruit, or rice, pasta, the nutrients in it will gradually decrease with the passage of time. When exposed to the bacteria in the air, it will begin to change, such changes from the inside to the outside, from shallow to deep, and finally appear on the surface of food mildew. These molds are bacteria and fungi. It has been found that a large amount of aflatoxin will be produced when food goes mouldy and deteriorated, which is better than arsenic. As long as the intake of 1 mg, there may be a risk of cancer. In the intake of these moldy food, the toxin will also stimulate the detoxification of the liver in the body, resulting in liver damage. < / P > < p > the older generation are more thrifty, and they can’t bear to pour out the extra meals. As a result, it is easy to produce a large number of molds in the process of placing. If you eat such food often, it will easily lead to liver disease. Also don’t be greedy for cheap, to buy cut good discount fruit, many are used with deteriorated fruit, cut off the bad part, repackaging. Finally, the third food is pickled food. In autumn and winter, people will soon start to pickle and make sausages. When it comes to family reunion, they will steam sausage, bacon and other food. In the process of making these foods, it is easy to cause bad effects on the liver due to improper preservation, bacteria breeding and long-term use. < / P > < p > secondly, in order to prolong the time limit of preservation, a lot of salt will be put into pickled food. These salts will be gradually converted into nitrite, which will be metabolized into nitrosamines again in the human body, which will damage liver cells and induce liver disease. Although this kind of food is very common, but it is very harmful to the liver, it is best not to eat. < p > < p > modern people put more energy on their work and study. Few people pay attention to their liver health. The academician suggests that we should not forget to give these three kinds of food in our mouth, which is just self destruction. Pay more attention to their own diet, in the problem of eating, prevention of cancer, not only simple but also effective. Cai Shaofen stopped pregnancy for the first time. The 4 indexes on the B-ultrasound sheet in the early pregnancy were used to see whether the fetal development was good or not