A balloon can really take a house to the sky! This uncle has become a real life version of the flying house

With colorful balloons, grandfather Carl dragged his house to the sky, and with his late wife’s wishes, he began his dream adventure journey.

his job is to be an IT consultant. In his spare time, he indulges in a unique hobby: studying how to use a large number of helium balloons to realize manned flight.

it took him a year to get a pilot’s license. After a year of training and testing, I got the relevant certification.

it was 2008. Before trappe, no one had ever used a toy helium balloon for manned flight. Even at this time, it had not been shown. It can be said that trappe was really brave

at that time, trappe said in an interview that he chose to sit on the office chair because he wanted to make a comparison – the office chair represents the ordinary and ordinary daily life, while flying to the sky is his dream life.

one time, in Los Angeles, with a small yellow house, the whole aircraft was more than ten stories high, setting a world record for balloon cluster flying. In the end, he reached an altitude of more than 3 kilometers, and the flight time was about an hour.

“art refers to the cluster of colorful balloons, while science is actually very serious.” Although trappe did not tell too much about the structure of his balloon aircraft, he said that he took it very seriously. Every step went through a year of identification. He had planned to take off from the United States, cross the Atlantic Ocean and go to Europe. However, due to technical problems, his flight was not smooth.

but more often, he needs to think, “am I flying in the right direction?” “There are obstacles in front of me. How can I avoid them?”

but no matter how hard it is, the feeling of flying into the sky is “incomparable”. In trappe’s words, “it’s not the same as anything in the world.” no wonder he enjoyed it so much. 08/16/2020