A beauty salon in Jordan gives facial care to customers, using African snails

It’s not uncommon to offer facial care, but a Jordanian beauty salon has used African snails on customers’ faces, saying their naturally produced mucus can make skin look younger. In the face of this new way of beauty, some customers support it, but some netizens say “no! It’s nice to have a few wrinkles! ” “At the age of 25, the production of collagen in the human body begins to decrease, and this snail produces collagen, which promotes the substance,” Suhail redian, who runs the Jordanian beauty salon, said in a video report released by Reuters on the 18th “As it crawls across the face, it devours dead skin, opens pores and leaves collagen in it. Supplement collagen for the human body. ” In the Reuters video, a customer said in an interview, “I really like this strange thing, and I’m very interested in this natural beauty product and restoration. So I’m here. “It’s great, so I thought I’d try it. I wanted to stop at the first session, and then I stayed asleep because I felt relaxed. I see a difference in skin color, it feels fuller and shiny. ” “Thanks for the recommendation, but maybe a little coconut oil and a little sugar, and then gently wiping it on the surface of the skin can provide a similar, less sticky experience?” ↓HEALTHY LIFE