A bed of bedclothes, millions of mites? Mite remover, ultrasonic mite remover, bag What is the effect? The doctor tells you the best way!

There are about 500000 species of mites, but the dust mites that need to be controlled in the home environment are mainly dust mites. According to statistics, 1 gram of dust can be attached to 1000 mites, among which there are 200000 mites excreta. The statement that there are millions of mites on a quilt is also estimated from this. So, what kind of effects will mites have on human body? < / P > < p > doctors say that a large number of mites will be parasitized on human hair follicles, so what are the mites on the human body? In order to find out the truth, the doctors carried out experiments on the spot. < / P > < p > the doctor extracted the secretion from the eyelashes of human body, put it on the glass sheet, and observed it with a professional microscope. By magnifying the secretion, you can see clearly that the mite is moving. < / P > < p > the experimental results show that there are a large number of small mites in human body. So how to remove the mites around? At present, the most common acarid products on the market is the mite remover. The reporter found that the anti mite rate of these anti mite products on the market was very high. A certain type of acarid vacuum cleaner is claimed to be able to remove 99.97% of mites on the mat. According to the investigation by the reporter, most of the mite removers are publicized to the public, and the mite remover with ultraviolet function and high-power dust remover are more effective. Reporters in the online shopping platform search, in addition to the slogan of mite instrument is the same. In addition to the mite remover, the reporter found an instrument in the market that claimed to be able to remove mites by ultrasonic wave. The product is claimed to be able to emit ultrasound, which makes mite metabolism disordered and die. Moreover, the effective area of one instrument is 60-90 square meters, which is basically enough for one household. < / P > < p > in addition, there are also mite removal bags on the market. As long as you put the bag under the pillow, attract the mites by the plant smell emitted by the mite removing powder, and dehydrate the mites to death under the dry powder and smell, the dried mites will be sealed in the mite removal bags. < / P > < p > first of all, the experimenters collected some mites in the sofa. Through the microscope observation, we can see many black dots. Doctors say these are mites that live on the sofa. < / P > < p > after more than an hour’s test, the experimenters found that the effect of removing mites was very limited because the outer package was closed. However, the effect of removing mites was not obvious when the package was cut open. < p > < p > afterwards, the ultrasonic acaricidal apparatus was tested, and the ultrasonic mite remover was placed one meter away from the collected mite container. After two hours of observation, it was found that the number of mites did not decrease at all. At last, a large amount of dust and mites were collected during the first cleaning. After the second cleaning, the number of mites was greatly reduced. The experiment shows that the effect of the mite remover is the best, the ultrasonic mite remover has almost no effect, and the effect of mite removal bag is very little. < / P > < p > although the effect of mite removal vacuum cleaner is the best, experts say that the ultraviolet and high power claimed by the manufacturers of this kind of dust remover products have nothing to do with the removal of mites. The most effective way to remove mites is high temperature, keep ventilation at home, clean in time, often bask in quilt, can effectively remove mites. Sun exposure is a good way to kill mites. Many people think that ultraviolet rays in the sun play a role. Therefore, some businesses on the market take advantage of everyone’s misunderstanding, the UV lamp is also crowned with the name of removing mites to sell. According to doctors, sun exposure to kill mites is the use of sunlight to create a high temperature and dry environment, which has nothing to do with ultraviolet rays. When the temperature reaches 60 ℃, the mite will die in 10 minutes, and it will not survive when the air humidity is below 50%. < / P > < p > in the case of sufficient sunlight, the mattress exposed to the sun for more than 4 hours can also have a very good effect of removing mites. If you can put on a black plastic bag, the effect of exposure will be better. Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore