“A board” to train the whole body, 0 basis to train 8 abdominal muscles! Netizen: it can hold half a gym

If you ask a girl, what kind of boy do you like? Her answer, of course, is a man with eight ABS! Such as Peng Yuyan appearance, body double online man, is the idol of thousands of girls! However, there are a few people like Peng Yuyan, and most of them are getting fat in middle age! For example, our little plum, when he was young, was so beautiful that I didn’t know how many younger sisters were amazed. Until he fell in love with water gun, well, it became like this! < / P > < p > many people rely on their youth to think that they are not fat. That’s because when you’re 16-20 years old, it’s the fastest time for basal metabolism. At 30, the basal metabolic rate began to decline. Most of the time I go to work is sitting and my activity is low. So middle age is more likely to get fat. According to a paper published recently by researchers from Karolin Medical College and other institutions in Sweden, the decline of lipid turnover capacity is one of the main reasons for obesity. And with the increase of age, the decrease of lipid turnover will be more obvious. In other words, it’s easy to gain weight even if you don’t eat more. When people are middle-aged, their work and life are relatively busy, and they are sitting and lack of exercise every day. This will certainly lead to the daily consumption of calories reduced, abdominal fat accumulation, the body is prone to fat. Middle aged people are full of danger! < / P > < p > in addition to having an impact on body shape and appearance, middle-aged obesity can also cause a burden on the human body. JAMA has published a study that shows that the cumulative weight gain in young and middle-aged people increases the health risk of middle-aged and elderly people. It will also increase the risk of various diseases, such as hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease and so on. < / P > < p > Xiaobian has found a good home fitness material – Orange multi-functional push-up board. According to the four muscle parts, design a variety of training movements, so that push ups exercise more standard, more scientific, home fitness effect with half the effort. < / P > < p > this multifunctional push-up board can lower the body and stretch the chest muscles more fully when doing push ups. It can be said that it is a professional fitness equipment, even if there is no coach at home, he can also make standard movements, will not cause ligament damage. < / P > < p > insert the grip in the muscle function area you want to exercise, and then you can perform the corresponding push up operation. Moreover, these positions are designed by professional design, which is simple and effective. < / P > < p > this equipment has been designed for four different muscle groups. They were chest muscle training in blue area, triceps training in green area, latissimus dorsi training in yellow area and shoulder muscle training in red area. According to the color of targeted training can effectively improve the fitness effect, just as there is a fitness coach guidance. < / P > < p > pectoralis has a great influence on the effect of men’s dressing. Good training of chest muscles can make you look thin and have meat when you undress. Therefore, the first step in shaping is to train your chest muscles! < p > < p > triceps training mainly improves the strength of the arm. There are three kinds of grip positions, which are also freely selected for training. Long term exercise can make men’s arms more powerful and women’s arms more slender. In addition, it can also promote health, protect shoulder joint, and is conducive to the play of organ function. It can be said that triceps exercise can bring many benefits. < / P > < p > exercise latissimus dorsi can make the back more straight, and modify the whole muscle line of upper body. Not only that, people with slight hump and low back pain can exercise latissimus dorsi muscle to reduce waist discomfort, which is very suitable for sedentary office workers, both men and women can exercise. < / P > < p > the red zone is mainly for shoulder muscle training, and there is only one grip position. Exercise shoulder muscle can let the shoulder reduce bending phenomenon, improve personal temperament, but also prevent scapulohumeral periarthritis, cervical spondylosis, the benefits are quite many. < / P > < p > in addition to targeted training, it doesn’t take up space like other sports equipment at home. In order to facilitate storage, it uses a detachable design, when not in use can be removed and placed in a hidden corner, saving space. < / P > < p > it is available in two styles, standard and basic. There are 10 push-up positions in front of me, which are yellow and green. < / P > < p > for those who have difficulty doing push ups, they can use elastic rope to carry out arm strength weight-bearing training, and wait until the arm strength has increased to a certain extent, and then go with the push-up action for fitness. < / P > < p > in addition, the board design is slightly different from the basic version. The special angle design makes it possible to train the chest muscle when exercising any muscle group, so there is no special chest muscle training area. Focus