A dog owner in Shanghai is punished for abandoning an old dog. If you don’t like it, you should not keep it. If you keep it, you should be responsible

In the city, the disputes caused by keeping dogs frequently appear, which has become a public topic. In most cases, it is the owner who can’t keep the dog according to the standard, or he can’t clean the dog’s excrement in time when walking the dog, or he doesn’t tie a rope to scare children and bite passers-by. Because the dog fights, causes the dog owner to fight, also has from time to time. “My dog doesn’t bite” has become a pet phrase of many dog owners, which has been criticized by people who don’t like dogs.

paying more attention to dogs than people is certainly not acceptable to the public, but abusing dogs will also cause public indignation. Recently, a dog owner in Shanghai was fined by the public security organ for abandoning his old dog.

what was abandoned was an 18-year-old dog. Judging from the average life span of the dog, it was already a very old dog. The dog was abandoned by its owner because of his old age and infirmity. Wandering on the road, and was hit by a car fracture, dying. At the intersection of Dongfang Road and Longyang Road, the old dog was found by a kind-hearted man, rescued and sent to the pet hospital for treatment.

the police contacted Wu, the owner of the dog, and informed him to take the dog back as soon as possible. Wu said that he has moved, no ability to raise, can only abandon. According to the relevant regulations, the public security organ fined Wu some place 500 yuan and revoked its possession.

Article 27 stipulates that a dog breeder shall not abandon his dog. If there is no condition to continue to raise, it should be delivered to the person or unit that has the condition to keep it, or to the dog shelter.

this is the first case of punishment for abandoning a dog in Shanghai. Although the owner was fined, the 18-year-old dog died in a pet hospital because of aging and injury.

this matter has also attracted the attention and discussion of many netizens. Some netizens have proposed that there is a fake dog lover behind every stray dog. This is a bit true. If you like it, treat it well. If you don’t like it, don’t raise it. It’s irresponsible to keep a dog and abandon it. Some people say that there are many pets in people’s life, but in the eyes of pets, there are only owners.