A father said to beat his child and let his baby eat mobile phone School: will interview

Recently, a microblog netizen posted pictures and videos saying that a middle school student in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, was beaten by his father to “vomit blood”. In the class group, the father said that he beat the child’s arm and palm ache, and also said “let him eat his mobile phone today”. On August 14, a staff member in charge of public opinion of the Education Bureau of Zhenjiang City responded to the surging news that they had noticed the incident and asked Zhenjiang middle school, the school concerned, for information.

on the 14th, a staff member of Zhenjiang middle school confirmed to the surging news that the above-mentioned network transmission incident occurred this month, and the student concerned was a senior two student of the school. However, the statement that “the father of the child lets the child eat the mobile phone” is not true and “it may be a few cruel words”.

the staff member said that the father had written an apology letter in the group, “the child was disobedient, and the father was a little impatient at that time”. At present, the child was in good health.

according to the above-mentioned staff, the school will interview and guide the father of the child concerned, and do a good job in psychological counseling for the child. “We will have a psychological teacher and a head teacher to talk to him to see his reaction to this matter, and then we will further intervene.”

online pictures and videos show that a group chat member named “Mr. Zheng’s father” said in the class group that he beat Zheng’s arm and hurt his hands. “I had the heart to beat him to death.” “during the National Day holiday, when I was not in Zhenjiang, I played my cell phone to death. I got up in the middle of the night without telling my parents to stay up late and let him eat his cell phone today.”. A video released by Zheng’s father in the group chat showed a boy sitting on the ground with blood on his hand.

according to the official website of Zhenjiang middle school in Jiangsu Province, in 1953, the school was named Zhenjiang middle school in Jiangsu Province, and was identified as one of the first 14 key middle schools to be run well in the province; in 1963, it was listed as one of the 18 model high schools in the province; in 1981, it was designated as one of the first 95 key middle schools to be run well; in 2001, it passed the provincial evaluation of the first batch of national demonstration high schools; in 2004, it passed the provincial evaluation of the first batch of national demonstration high schools The first batch of four-star high school re evaluation. In August 2004, the layout of schools in Zhenjiang city was adjusted, and the senior high school of the fourth middle school was merged into the provincial and town middle schools.