A kindergarten in Shaanxi Province has been accused of requiring students to buy 396 yuan watches to test their body data

The first kindergarten in Xunyang County, Shaanxi Province, requires each student to buy a watch of 396 yuan to monitor students’ physical fitness and sleep. Students wear watches every day and return them to school after school. “The head teacher called me and said that if you don’t buy it, the child will transfer to another school and can’t continue to go to school here.” Mr. Zhang, the parent of the kindergarten, thinks this is not proper. On the morning of September 27, the reporter came to the No.1 kindergarten of Xunyang county. The staff on duty said that the head of the kindergarten held a meeting in the Bureau of education and sports of Xunyang county. If you want to interview, you need to send a letter through Xunyang education and Sports Bureau. Wang Futao, a staff member of the education unit of Xunyang education and Sports Bureau, said: “at present, our bureau has not received any feedback from parents. It is not clear that the school has such requirements and regulations.” Under the leadership of Wang Futao, the reporter came to the first kindergarten of Xunyang county again and saw this watch. On a blue wallpaper of the watch, the words “children’s healthy transportation volume leaving the kindergarten safety watch” were written. There is no display in the watch and no information can be seen. Lu Xiaoli, director of Xunyang No.1 kindergarten, said: “this watch can only be used in the park together with the equipment in the park. The data generated by students during exercise and sleep will be directly transmitted to the background. After data analysis, the results will be fed back to the instrument. We will train the children according to the data. For children with abnormal data, we will contact their parents and send them to the hospital for examination. This is the core role of the watch and is also the requirement of the document of Shaanxi education information management center. Xunyang education and Sports Bureau has an official reply According to LV Xiaoli, the document of Shaanxi provincial education information management center requires that students’ somatosensory system be monitored. Although there is no detailed description of watches and other equipment, the data conveyed is the form of expression. The equipment department of the provincial education department also inspected the first kindergarten in Xunyang county and suggested the installation of smart kindergarten equipment, including this watch, which eventually bid 400 yuan With 396 yuan each transaction, the collection is directly called to the manufacturer. Now the main collection method is wechat transfer without receipt. “Buying watches is a voluntary principle. Parents can not buy watches if they don’t want to. We will give them away for students with special difficulties, but there are no cases of giving them away at present,” said Lu Xiaoli, director of the kindergarten The reporter released the phone call recording, in which the head teacher of the kindergarten said to the parents: “you must buy the watch. If you don’t buy it, you have to transfer to the park.” In this regard, LV Xiaoli said: “this is a head teacher’s slip of the tongue, the kindergarten does not have such a requirement. Since such a mistake occurs, we will hold a parent’s meeting later to explain the matter clearly to everyone, and once again emphasize the voluntary purchase of watches.” 2